XIRO Xplorer Mini – Is This A Good Competitor For DJI’s Mavic Pro?

After a successful life cycle of their Xplorer drone (both V and G versions), the folks over at XIRO decided to introduce a new one to their lineup. With the recent growth in popularity of the so-called selfie drones, they went with a no brainer and created the XIRO Xplorer Mini, a drone that could, in fact, be a worthy competitor for DJI Mavic Pro. But, is that really going to be the case? Well, that’s what I plan on explaining throughout this XIRO Xplorer Mini review. You see, I spent almost a week tampering around with this little guy and realized that it’s a pretty good drone. It’s not that expensive (which is always a good thing) and features everything a good selfie drone needs. But, is it really that good to be called DJI Mavic Pro killer? Well, let’s find out! 


XIRO Xplorer Mini can be considered as a spiritual successor to the Xplorer drone which has already received quite a bit of praise due to its stellar all-around performance and great build quality. Mini continues in the same fashion being made out of high-quality materials and having a generally easy-on-the-eyes appearance that is bound to attract a fair share of potential buyers. But looks and materials aren’t what makes a good drone, its specifications are. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at the most important ones so you can better understand what to expect from this little fella.

Technical Specifications

  • Flight Duration – 15 minutes
  • Total Weight – 431 grams
  • Flight Distance – 100 meters
  • Flight Height – 50 meters
  • Camera – 1080p at 30FPS

XIRO Xplorer Mini Max Range

Let’s face it, we are so used to seeing low specifications with selfie drones that all of us were really surprised when DJI unveiled Mavic Pro’s specs sheet. Unfortunately, XIRO Xplorer Mini cannot even be compared to the DJI’s giant with its petty 100 meters of worry-free range. Even though this number is just enough for people who want to take decent selfies (let’s face it, who needs more than 100 meters for a selfie?), everyone who had bigger plans with this drone will be left hugely disappointed… including me!


Now let’s take a couple of moments to talk about our lord and savior Je…. uhm… Let’s take a couple of moments to talk about the features this little drone comes with. Without going in-depth in all the usual features, I would just like to take this chance to point out that this little fella is fully foldable. In other words, you are able to fold all for sides of this drone which allows it to fit in virtually the smallest compartments in your bags. This, in addition to its stellar 1080p camera, is the biggest selling point of XIRO Xplorer Mini. With such a small factor and a good camera, it is no wonder that many selfie lovers will be aiming to purchase it as soon as it hits the market.

XIRO Xplorer Mini Review : Max Flight Time

xiro xplorer mini batteryFlight time is definitely the biggest downside of this drone. That’s why, at least in my honest opinion, XIRO Xplorer Mini cannot be compared to DJI Mavic Pro nor be nicknamed its killer. Even though there’s an extremely huge price gap between the two, I still believe that the majority of its potential customers will turn over and save up money to buy DJI’s masterpiece. Why? Well, XIRO Xplorer Mini can handle up to 15 minutes of flight time on paper. In reallity, the number is even smaller and hovers around 13 minutes of real in-air time. This is a huge dissappointment for people who would like to do more things with this drone in addition to taking selfies all the time. Such a short battery duration means you cannot go around and explore the area (truth be told, you would not be able to do that even if you had more in-air time since its range is short as well) which is a huge minus in my book. Still, don’t get me wrong – 13 minutes will be just enough for people who are only interested in using this drone as an aerial selfie machine.

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