DJI Mavic Pro – DJI Is Back With Another Outstanding Drone!

As some of you already know, there is a big competition in the drones’ market, especially in the selfie drones niche which is extremely saturated at this point in time. The reason behind this is most likely the general popularity of this type of drones. It’s a known fact that people enjoy taking selfies now more than ever. It is a worldwide phenomenon that is not going to go away anytime soon… So with that being said, what is the best selfie drone currently available on the market? Well, there is certainly no shortage of candidates, but DJI seems to have a special ace up their sleeves.

This is the DJI Mavic Pro, a fully-fledged premium selfie drone that is bound to create quite the fuss on the market. With extreme potent specifications and a great design (something that DJI never takes for granted), Mavic Pro seems like a definite hit. With that being said, throughout this DJI Mavic Pro review, I will do my best to objectively present this masterpiece of the drone industry. That might seem like a bold statement to you at first, but trust me, this is one heck of a drone!

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Technical Specifications

  • Operating Range – 7 kilometers
  • Flying Duration – 27 minutes
  • Top Speed – 40 mph / 64km/h
  • Camera – 4K with 3-axis gimbal

DJI Mavic Pro Flight Time

dji mavic pro reviewDJI Mavic Pro has an amazing flight time. That’s especially true if we compare to its direct competitors in the selfie drones niche. You see, drones such as XIRO Xplorer Mini, Zerotech Dobby and so on, have approximately 10 minutes of flight time on average. That’s understandable since people don’t need more than that for taking a couple of selfies here and there. But, it’s not a surprise that DJI took thins one level further. Believe it or not, DJI Mavic Pro has enormous 27 minutes of flight time which is absolutely amazing. It surpasses all of its competitors by a mile. With such a huge flight time, it allows the drone to be used not only for recording selfies but also for exploring and doing many more things, making it the perfect all around compact drone.

DJI Mavic Pro Flight Range

Flight range is yet another specification that DJI loves to outplay their competition with. With their new technology, which they implemented into their new series of drones (Phantom 4, DJI Mavic Pro and Inspire 2), it’s safe to say they are simply sweeping the floor with rest of their competition. More than 7 kilometers of flight range makes this drone great for exploring and puts it into a whole another level. Considering all of its competitors (within the selfie drones niche) have up to 300 meters (but most of them don’t even go up to 100m), it’s pretty safe to say that DJI Mavic Pro beats them by a mile.


dji mavic pro reviewDJI Mavic Pro features a high-quality 4K camera which can capture magnificent aerial shots with ease. It is powered by a 3-axis gimbal stabilization system, similar to that on DJI Phantom 4. The video quality is outstanding and it does not have that jittery feel to it like most other drones have. Images are crisp clear as well, which was expected since it is primarily marketed as a selfie drone. The compact (read foldable) design allows it to fit into any sort of purse which makes it a perfect carriable camera for all occasions. With such a good quality camera comes a fluent FPV experience as well. What’s even better, it works over a huge distance (did not test the maximum myself, but will do it sooner rather than later) meaning you can experiment with FPV (and even VR) for as long as you’d like.

Final Thoughts on DJI Mavic Pro review

If we take everything that’s been said above into consideration, we will have a rather simple conclusion – DJI Mavic is by far the best selfie drone on the market. But that’s not the only usage you can put it up against. With such a strong array of specifications, Mavic Pro can excel at many things in addition to selfie shots, which is why it’s going to continue selling like crazy and making a proper name for itself (and its manufacturers) on the market.

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