8 Drones that work with GoPro cameras

Considering the fact many people nowadays possess one (or even more) GoPro action cameras, it comes as no surprise that the drone market for them is quite huge. More and more drones for GoPro are coming out with GoPro support meaning they don’t have a primary video source of their own. This is actually a good thing if you have a GoPro of course.

You’ll be able to mount it in no time and experience top-notch video and image quality. Combine that with a great aerial platform and you’re going to be making professional-looking footage before you know it. So, with this in mind, let’s go through some of the best drones that work with GoPro cameras. But, before that, why don’t we first take a closer look at what exactly are they all about!


Can all drones carry a GoPro?

The first question many of you will ask is this – Can I mount a GoPro on “insert random drone here”? Well, that heavily depends on the takeoff weight of your drone. Many cheap drones cannot bear the weight of a GoPro, even though these cameras are extremely lightweight. We are talking about cca 100 grams here. That’s because cheap drones aren’t built for that. They possess motors that are powerful enough to lift off only the drone itself. Any additional luggage and your motors could overheat and burn out… So, if you are unsure whether or not your drone can carry a GoPro, you should check out its technical specifications and examine its takeoff weight.

Another thing you should consider is this – regular anti-vibration mounts aren’t as good as fully-fledged gimbal stabilization systems. So, even if your drone can take off with a GoPro, it still doesn’t mean you’ll get a good experience with it. If that’s the case, then you should really consider getting a new drone. Don’t worry though, there are several budget options available that won’t take too much money out of your pockets. For now, let’s take an in-depth look at gimbals vs mounts so you can better understand the topic before jumping to the drones list!


Frequently asked questions :

What are drone camera Gimbals?
Gimbals are much (I can’t stress this enough!) more expensive than regular mounts. Why is that so? Well, that’s because gimbals are basically fully optimized stabilization systems that let you control your camera’s focus and orientation mid-flight. This is something regular mounts obviously can’t do as they are not directly connected to your drone or controller. Instead, they are just physically mounted in a stationary position which you cannot (in most cases) adjust.
What are drone camera Mounts?
Standard anti-vibration mounts can be found for ridiculously cheap. But, with that said, you cannot expect a state of the art performance from them. As mentioned above, mounts keep your action camera in a stationary position and don’t allow you to adjust it mid-flight. They also provide only the most basic of vibration and stabilization solutions, resulting in the chance of your aerial footage showing jittery and jelly effects.
Is it safe to put your GoPro on a drone?
If you have carefully examined your current drone (by carefully examined I expect that you’ve at least checked out its takeoff weight) or bought one from the list below, then you should be all set to mount your GoPro without any worries. Yes, without any worries whatsoever. How can I be so sure it’s safe to put GoPros? Well, I’ve been doing it for more than 3 years and haven’t had a single accident. All you need to do is make sure it has slid directly into its slot. After that, tighten the frame screws and you are good to go. If you end up having an accident, it is most likely going to be your own fault and not the drone. The only way I see you doing serious damage to your GoPro is if you crash your drone straight into a concrete surface. Most of the time, GoPros will survive with minor scratches… but if you really went head in (read full speed crash) then you might have very bad news…


Table: Drones For GoPro

ImageNameRangeFlight TimePrice
8. Ionic Stratus150m10minSee price now
7. Syma X8G100m12minSee price now
6. MJX Bugs 3300m15minSee price now
5. XIRO Xplorer G500m20minSee price now
4. AEE AP9500m25minSee price now
3. 3DR Solo800m22minSee price now
2. Traxxas Aton+300m15minSee price now
1. GoPro Karma3000m20minSee price now

8. Ionic Stratus Drone

ionic-stratus-droneFirst off, we are going to focus on an extremely cheap aerial platform for your GoPro action camera. The name is Ionic Stratus and it sports a sleek design with included propeller guards for extra safety. In addition to that, Ionic Stratus can actually deliver decent performance, a lot more than you’d expect from such a cheap model. So, with that said, let’s take a closer look to see if it really performs that well!

Ionic Stratus costs just a few dollars more than the Syma X8G, but they are pretty similar when it comes to their respective specifications. While Syma’s model has a bit longer flight time (12 minutes compared to 10), Ionic Stratus excels at flight distance, having around 50 meters more than the X8G (around 150 in total).Combine that with

Combine that with headless mode, one key return, and 3D rolls, and you’ll realize that Ionic Stratus is a pretty good installment. It does not come with a camera which is actually a good thing in this case since you will have less trouble with mounting your GoPro. This is one of decent budget friendly drones with GoPro mount, would you agree this is the best drone for GoPro under $100?



7. Syma X8G

syma-x8gSecond, we have yet another extremely cheap drone that comes with a GoPro mount. Syma, a huge name in the drones industry, made X8G a proper budget-friendly GoPro drone alternative. So, if you’re looking to fly a drone on the cheap and record good aerial videos, then Syma X8G can provide.

As a matter of fact, even if you don’t own a GoPro you’ll love it since Syma X8G comes with a solid 8MP camera. In order to attach your GoPro all you have to do is disconnect the provided one and connect yours. As simple as that! The mount will fit most GoPro hero models but you might end up having a little DIY session if you own a different action camera.

Moving on to its specifications, this little fella is able to fly for around 12 minutes and can reach cca 100 meters away from its transmitter. As I’ve already mentioned above, Ionic Stratos and Syma X8G are pretty similar drones in terms of specifications. Their prices aren’t too far apart either…  All in all, I’d say Syma X8G a pretty good choice for people who have their own GoPro but don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a premium drone.



6. MJX Bugs 3

MJX_bugs_3A lot of you must have heard about MJX Bugs 3 – another relatively affordable drone that performs amazingly. It’s not meant for professionals, but it can do a photo session or two considering the fact it supports GoPros and is quite stable in midair. MJX Bugs 3 is your typical toy drone with a small twist – if you exploit all of its features it transforms into a solid aerial platform that’s going to amaze semi-professionals and casuals as well…

Starting off, MJX Bugs 3 does not come with a camera. But, live I have stated above, it supports GoPro Hero’s which makes it a versatile platform. It runs on 7.4V 1800mAh 25C Li-Po battery which gives out roughly 15 minutes of juice. Not bad at all if I might notice. Moving forward, the range could be an issue for some of you. It’s limited to 300 meters. Still long enough for you to do a neighborhood patrol but I’m sure that you would like to see at least 200 more meters to it.

Unfortunately, this little fella does not come with GPS or altitude hold. Still, it has failsafe battery voltage alarm, 3D flips, and bright LED lights to keep the fun possible even during pitch-black nights. All things considered, MJX Bugs 3 might not be the perfect budget drone out there, but with decent specifications and GoPro support, you might want to check this one out further!



5. XIRO Xplorer G


Now we are going to take a closer look at XIRO Xplorer. More precisely, we’re taking a look at G version. In addition to it, there’s also V which comes with a camera… and presuming you guys already have a GoPro, what’s the point in featuring it?! So, without further explanation, let’s check out what’s XIRO Xplorer G all about!

This drone does not come with a built-in camera, just like the AP9 by AEE Technology down below. Fortunately, it comes with a 3-axis gimbal that is bound to provide your GoPro with ultimate stability throughout your aerial footage. In addition to that, this little fella is capable of providing you with live FPV feed as well. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the drone and enjoy your FPV view.

Feature-wise, Xplorer G supports circle around me, automatic hovering, and even follow me, all of which will come in handy while recording. These features allow you to concentrate more on shooting than flying, and that’s a great thing if you need top-quality footage. If you make a couple of mistakes and need more time, Xplorer G has got your covered with its 25 minutes of flight time. Do you want to spy on your neighbor whose house is on the end of the street? With more than 500 meters of flight distance, this comes as no problem for the Xplorer G!



4. AEE Technology AP9

aee-ap9Next on our list of drones with GoPro mount comes from AEE Technology. Like I’ve said above, their AP9 drone does not come with a built-in camera but with a good set of features and specifications, it might just make your GoPro worth mounting on it. Is AEE Technology AP9 a good mid-tier aerial photo platform? Well, that’s exactly what you will be able to find out down below!

If you are willing to up your budget close to $300, you should definitely check out this amazing drone by AEE Technology. With that said, AP9 seems to be a real treat, with its max speed clocking in at around 44 miles per hour. Combine that with great stability and up to 25 minutes of flight time and you’ll understand why are we praising this drone so much. And that’s not even all, it is able to reach up to 500 meters away from its transmitter, making it one of the best price/performance drones on the market. One thing is certain – you can’t get much better than this for less than $300!

Another very important aspect of the AEE Technology AP9 is its reliability. You see, this little drone has failsafe battery protocols alongside auto return to home feature in case something goes wrong. With the combination of those two, you can rest assured your brand new drone won’ take off into the distance and run away from you. In the end, I’d just like to add one thing – you can’t get much better than this for less than $300!



3. 3DR Solo


If you are interested in a smart drone (in every sense of that phrase), then 3DR Solo is the one you should be checking out! Not only does it feature excellent design and smart feature but also supports GoPros and allows you to mount a fully-fledged 3-axis gimbal that will make up for professional quality aerial shots!

The bundled package of 3DR’s most popular drone model comes with a bunch of handy accessories alongside the drone itself. With a carrying case, specialized GoPro gimbal I already mentioned above, a set of 8 high-quality propellers and even an extra battery, I’m sure you see why this bundle costs so much more than the standalone version of the drone. Still, it’s great value for money so I warmly recommend to go for it straight away.

When it comes to the specifications of this little fella, you’ll be happy to find out that it can fly up to 800 meters away from its transmitter. Additionally, its powerful battery can endure up to 20 minutes of flight duration which is more than enough for you to get a couple of great aerial shots. Lastly, I’d like to conclude this section by saying that I’ve owned 3DR Solo and loved it. It’s a well-versed drone that can provide a ton of fun and give you a good entrance to the hobby. It’s worth every penny, that’s for sure!



2. Traxxas Aton Plus

traxxas-7908-atonAton by Traxxas comes in two different versions. The standard one costs roughly $300 while the Aton Plus version costs $80 more. But there is a good reason behind this. Aton Plus version gets you a 2-axis gimbal on top of which you are able to mount your GoPro. The gimbal is great and will definitely provide you with optimal stability.

When it comes to the features of this drone, it is important to say that it has 2 different flight modes – filming and sports. Filming mode provides you with unsurpassed stability making your aerial footage as smooth as silk. On the other hand, sports mode allows your drone to fly with incredible speeds, reaching more than 50 miles per hour which are impressive for a non-racing drone.

Specification-wise, Traxxas Aton has 16 minutes of flight time along with around 300 meters of lag-free range. Controlling schematics is intuitive and I can assure you there won’t be any issues in this department… especially considering you can always switch to filming mode which limits the top speed. With this being said, it is pretty clear that Aton Traxxas is a great all-around model that you should definitely look into a bit more! Do you agree this is one of the top drones for GoPro?



1. GoPro Karma – best drone for GoPro?

If you are looking for a drone that can carry your GoPro out in the air and let you record aerial footage… then I firmly believe there’s no better drone for that than GoPro Karma. I mean, what else did you guys expect at number 1 spot? True, it did have some issues right after the first launch… but all those issues have been resolved and GoPro Karma is finally able to shine in full light…

Even though GoPro Karma was supposed to be a direct competitor to DJI Mavic Pro, it is safe to say DJI’s masterpiece won that race with ease. So, what sort of a market was left for GoPro Karma? Well, quite frankly, this drone is not meant strictly for people wanting drones. No! This drone is meant for people who want to record outdoor activities… whether they’re aerial, body-mounted or any other available type. That’s why Karma comes with a handheld/body-mounted stabilizer and effectively transforms photography from the air to your own hands/body.

In addition to all that, let’s jump to the technical side of things and see if GoPro Karma is any good in that department. Luckily, with 3 kilometers of range and up to 20 minutes airtime, it’s safe to say the folks over at GoPro did a solid job. One last thing I’d like to add is that GoPro Karma comes with GoPro Hero 5 Black which means you don’t need to have your own. With all that in mind, GoPro Karma falls a bit on the expensive side of the market but considering it’s not just a typical platform but a versatile one instead, it might just make you go for it.




Congratulations guys! You have made it to the end of our Best Drone For GoPro list. Finding the perfect drone that will serve as a great aerial platform for your favorite action camera can get tricky, but with this list, we are pretty sure your job will be much easier. Make sure you pay attention to the gimbal you are ordering since there’s a whole heap of them on the market (a lot of them come bundled together with some of these drones) and things can get complicated if you are looking for a specific one. With this being said, we would like to thank you for reading this list and, until next time, happy piloting!

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