10 Drones With Follow Me Mode

I am sure you already know that drones possess all sorts of useful features that you can use to your advantage. One of the coolest ones is definitely the Follow Me function that will surely get you excited. If you didn’t already see follow me drone in action, I’ll try to explain it in the following sentence. What it does is basically allow the drone to follow its transmitter wherever it goes. While it’s on its route, you can easily shoot videos and/or capture images, leading to amazing footage every time. So, without much further adue, let’s take a closer look at the actual technology behind Follow Me Drones and see what’s it all about!

What is Follow Me feature and how does it work?

Drones that follow you can effectively target an object or a person and then, as the name suggests, follow it around wherever it goes. In theory, this feature can output amazing aerial effects and shots that would require a well-skilled camera crew a couple of years back. In practice, the technology behind this feature is rapidly expanding leading to better results with each new generation of drones.

At the moment, there are 2 technologies that are able to efficiently provide with Follow Me feature. First one is GSC/GPS transmitter system which is used on virtually all drones except for newest DJI flagships. DJI being DJI made a brand new technology called ActiveTrack which relies on recognition algorithms that are able to focus on a particular object and provide the camera with necessary location data to do all the work.


What are the best usages for Follow Me Drones?

If you already have a drone equipped with Follow Me feature, I’m sure you’ve already done your research and are using it to its maximum. On the other hand, for all of you who are yet to buy one, here are a few excellent outdoor activities that greatly benefit from a Follow Me enabled drone:

Extreme sports
If you love extreme sports and you’d like to shoot videos of yourself enjoying them, drones with Follow Me mode are the perfect solution. Simply order them to track you (or your friends) and do your best… once you are done with your routine you will have a professional quality aerial footage that could become the next big thing on YouTube.
Family gatherings
Weddings, birthdays and virtually any other type of family gatherings simply crave for more than a few photo sessions. Videos are welcome as well, providing with dear memories for years to come. Just imagine a Follow Me drone being focused on your wedding cake, orbiting around it and capturing your future mother in law taking a few extra bites. Priceless…
Mountaineering, hiking or camping out in the woods… all these outdoor activities are bound to make up for excellent aerial shots. Feel free to be artistic and find the best spots for recording purposes. With an automated aerial platform solution and a little bit of artistic spirit inside, I’m sure you’ll come up with a masterpiece!
Whether you’re enjoying the summer in Hawaii or doing a tour of Croatia’s islands… or even snowboarding in the Alpes, one thing is for sure – Follow Me enabled drone would have a chance to make excellent footage. So why not use it? Realistically, drones with Follow Me feature aren’t that expensive, and when you take into consideration just how much memories they could create, you’ll come to the realization they are well worth the money.


TABLE : Drones that follow you

ImageNameCameraRangeFlight TimePrice
10. Hubsan H501SFHD300m18minSee price now
9. Xiro Xplorer VFHD500m20minSee price now
8. 3DR SoloGimbal only800m22minSee price now
7. DJI SparkFHD2000m15minSee price now
6. Yuneec Q5004K800m25minSee price now
5. DJI Phantom 3 Pro4K5000m23minSee price now
4. Autel X-Star4K2000m25minSee price now
3. DJI Mavic Pro4K7000m27minSee price now
2. DJI Phantom 4 Pro4K7000m27minSee price now
1. DJI Inspire 26K7000m27minSee price now

10. Hubsan H501S

hubsan_h501s_web-1Starting off at number 10 we have the H501S, one of best ever drones made by Hubsan. This interesting little drone is not only easy on the eyes but also sports decent characteristics for a moderately affordable price tag. But, can it get everyday Joes to invest in it? Let’s see…

Hubsan H501S is a mid-tier drone that isn’t shy of giving in to awesome features. Primarily, I’m talking about GPS, headless mode, FPV and most importantly – follow me mode. It comes with a great remote controller that features a tiny LCD display that is not only used for FPV but for telemetry data too. It’s responsive and features altitude hold which significantly improves overall controlling difficulty.

Moving on to the camera, Hubsan H501S incorporates an FHD camera included in the package. In fact, it is built into the front side of the drone without having access to hardware stabilization. Despite that, Hubsan H501S can still shoot solid aerial footage and take great selfies. Specifications are solid too. With 300 meters of range and cca 20 minutes of flight time, Hubsan H501S is more than good… Actually, these numbers might seem low to you in comparison to other models on this list… but if you take H501S’ price into consideration you’ll realize what I’m trying to point out here.

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9. XIRO Xplorer V

xiro-xplorer-g-versionXIRO Xplorer V is a bulky drone made out of top quality materials, making it exceptionally resistant and shockproof. With a sleek design and powerful motors with shiny LEDs mounted below, you can practically use this birdie any time you want to. But, are those tiny LEDs and great design enough for it to be any good? Well, why don’t we take a sneak peek and see for ourselves!

Before jumping to the action, I’d like to point out XIRO Xplorer comes in two versions – G and V. While the G version does not come with an action camera, V does and it’s a solid FHD one. Also, just recently the folks at XIRO introduced an amazing 3-axis gimbal that supports GoPros. It allows great stability and is able to provide your GoPro with smooth flight, making up for some top quality aerial footage. In addition to the follow me function, Xplorer V also possesses a circle around me feature that will help you capture great videos with your friends and family.

And finally, it is important to note that this little fella can reach up to 500 meters away from its transmitter, and endure cca 25 minutes of flight time due to its smart 520mAh battery. Not bad for a drone that costs less than $300.

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8. 3DR Solo

3DR Solo8th spot on this list goes to a gorgeous model. 3DR Solo is the name and we are talking about a truly beautiful drone with a glossy finish that will surely capture the looks of everyone in your household. But, 3DR Solo is not just a pretty drone. This little fella is actually great (performance-wise) and sports a wide array of useful features you won’t be able to fly without! So, with that said, let’s kick things off and see what does it have to offer!

3DR Solo is quite lightweight for its size, and even features 2 microprocessors that make wonders feature-wise. Due to this, 3DR markets is as the world’s first smart drone. When it comes to its feature, Solo is equipped with orbiting mode, follow me, cable cam and selfie mode, all of which you will greatly appreciate across a lot of different scenarios. Things are amazing in the specifications department too. With more than 800 meters of flight range and cca 20 minutes, it is pretty clear there’s a bright future ahead of it.

Lastly, I would like to point out that 3DR Solo does not come with a camera. I know that could be a big downside to some of you… but don’t worry guys – there is a catch! Even though it does not come with a camera, 3DR Solo comes with a mount for GoPros. As a matter of fact, there’s also a purchasable gimbal on Amazon which will allow you to record professional-quality aerial footage with this little fella.

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7. DJI Spark

DJI SparkHere we are taking a closer look at the newest drone by DJI – The Spark! This little fella can brag about being much smaller than DJI’s previously smallest model Mavic Pro. Still, it holds onto some of its advanced features which are genuinely controversial to see on such a miniature device.

First off, I feel the need to state that DJI Spark can act as a fully-fledged aerial photography drone if needs must. Sure, it does not have a 4K camera but sports a FHD one with hardware stabilization in the form of a 2-axis gimbal. Needless to say, image quality is brilliant and I’m sure many of you won’t even notice any difference (other than resolution) when comparing it to f.e. DJI Phantom 3 or even 4.

In terms of specifications, DJI Spark has around 15 minutes of flight time. Its primarily controlling schematic is via smartphone, DJI GO app to be more precise. It works over WiFi so the range isn’t astonishing. On the other hand, if you go ahead and get the dedicated DJI Spark Controller, you’re looking at roughly 2 kilometers of range which should be enough to satisfy your exploration needs. Combine all that with brand new gesture features PalmLaunch and PalmControl in addition to the standard ones (ActiveTrack, TapFly, Return to Home etc) and you’ll realize just what a good deal DJI Spark really is!

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6. Yuneec Q500

yuneec-q500-4kIf you do not want to spend an entire fortune on a brand-new follow me drone that will serve you loyally for many years, then Yuneec Q500 might just be the one for you. We are talking about an extremely reliable drone that’s well-known for its build quality and durability. But, is that all Yuneec Q500 has to offer? Hmm…

Yuneec Q500 comes bundled together with a top-quality CGO3 camera capable of shooting 4k videos at 30 frames per second. Additionally, it can even shoot slow-motion footage in full HD, which is pretty amazing, if I may add. Alongside the camera, this little fella also comes with an ST10+ controller, allowing you to have an amazing flying experience with the seamless controlling schematic. Needless to say, ST10+ controller is highly responsive, provides decent input feedback and feels great in hands.

Lastly, let’s talk more about its performance. As most of you expected, Yuneec Q500 is nothing short of spectacular in the specifications department either. More precisely, this little guy can fly for approximately 25 minutes and has roughly 800 meters of seamless operating range. So, for all of you who think this entire package is a steal, don’t wait and go get this fella – it’s damn worth it, that’s for sure!

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5. DJI Phantom 3 Pro

dji-phantom-3-professionalEven though DJI Phantom 3 Pro came out a couple of years ago, it is still a very hot topic in the drone world. That’s because DJI Phantom 3 Pro has aged quite well. What does that mean? Well, keep on reading and see…

This little fella sports all the features you’ll ever need, such as GPS, FPV, follow me, point of interest, waypoints and even more. Its build quality is, as always, nothing short of brilliant, and the specifications are top-notch for a drone that costs slightly over $700. It can fly up to 23 minutes with its smart battery that can be easily charged (charger included in the packaging).

Another great thing about this drone is that it comes with a great 4K camera and you can seamlessly shoot videos up to 5 kilometers away from you. Inside the 5km area, you won’t need to worry about losing connection, but even if you do, Phantom 3 won’t crash because it has a failsafe security system that will lead it straight back to its landing location. All in all, it seems as though DJI Phantom 3 Pro is trapped in time. Even though a lot of new technology has emerged in the last year or so, this brave drone is still capable of fighting off all those damn youngsters!

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4. Autel Robotics X-STAR Premium

autel-robotics-x-star-premiumIf you are looking for a premium drone in every sense of the word premium, then you cannot go wrong with the Autel Robotic’s X-Star Premium. This drone is well versed in all of its respective aspects, making it one of the best all-around drones currently available on the market. As a matter of fact, I’ll even go out on a limb here and say Autel Robotics X-Star Premium can be considered a flagship killer, and one of the most popular follow me drones. Why is that so? Well, if you take a closer look at its performance down below, you will surely get the entire picture.

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium sports a top-quality 4K camera that is bound to provide you with nothing but exceptional image quality time and time again. Mounted on a dedicated 3-axis gimbal, it will efficiently stabilize your footage leaving no room for shakiness or blur. In addition to that, this little fella has outright awesome specifications too. With a range of up to 2 kilometers and cca 25 minutes of airtime on a single charge, Autel Robotics X-Star Premium looks to be set for making a stir on the market..

Lastly, let’s say a couple of words about its features. First of all, you should keep in mind that it supports several smart modes, Magnetic Interference Protection, GPS/GLONASS and FPV… even VR if you have Nvidia Shield tablet at bay. Plus, the above-mentioned specifications are a good supporting platform for a fantastic FPV experience this bad boy has to offer. Combine its excellent specifications with dual-mode GPS, follow me function, an awesome controller with a built-in LCD display, and you got yourself an amazing premium drone for just $700.

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3. DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic ProAnd we have come to the 3rd most expensive drone with follow me ability on this list. Even though this one does not need an introduction, I still have to state we are talking about DJI Mavic Pro here. A ridiculously small drone that packs the same specs and features like all other big guns out there.

Needless to say, it comes with a fine set of features that you will greatly appreciate. The most interesting one is surely its ability to fold, allowing it to be an extremely compact device that can fit pretty much everywhere. Combine that with a state-of-the-art 4K camera with extreme stabilization and crisp clear smoothness, and you will begin to understand why this drone is so special. It features both GPS and GLONASS systems allowing you to have pinpoint accuracy no matter what’s your latitude.

And finally, it is important to add that this little fella has up to 7 kilometers of lag-free long range (HOLY MOLY) and cca 27 minutes of flight time, which are both amazing. Still, everything mentioned above is not exactly dirt cheap – you will have to make a $1k dent in your budget if you want to buy this drone, but with everything we’ve just mentioned, it’s still a great bargain!

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2. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

DJI Phantom 4 ProThe silver medal goes to one and only DJI Phantom 4 Pro. This upgraded version over DJI Phantom 4 Standard is a bit pricier so some of you will hold that against it. On the other hand, I’ll do my best to give you some useful insights that might just make you change your mind. So, is DJI Phantom 4 Pro a great drone? Well, to start off – do you really think it would be placed so high on this list if it wasn’t?

DJI’s newest flagship carries the amazing 1-inch CMOS sensor with 20mpx. It’s capable of recording excellent aerial footage in 4K which will look like it’s ready for the Oscars. Features are not to be forgotten either, but that’s something DJI always does amazingly. Full DJI GO app support is here and it allows (with GPS help) a whole plethora of additional smart flying features. Additionally, DJI Phantom 4 Pro has another big upgrade – obstacle avoidance sensors. This was a long-awaited feature and it’s safe to say that it brings an extra layer of reliability to the P4 Pro.

When it comes to its specifications, I’m sure you already knew they are nothing short of brilliant. DJI Phantom 4 Pro shines in full light reaching 7 kilometers away with ease. Plus, it incorporates a 5870mAh smart flight battery which gives out roughly 27 minutes of airtime. Not bad, right?!

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1. DJI Inspire 2

dji_inspire_2_webThe first spot of this list goes to an absolute champion among drones – DJI Inspire 2. This king of drones that follow you represents everything (and more) you could ever expect from a drone. Reliability – check, professional-grade camera – check, versatility – check, flight time and range – check, advanced smart features – check… Like I said – EVERYTHING! But, it does come at an expensive price point which rings the bells claiming DJI Inspire 2 isn’t exactly your casual drone. No, it’s actually a fully-fledged aerial platform for filmmakers and other people interested in getting state of the art aerial footage.

So, with that being said, it doesn’t come surprising DJI Inspire 2 comes with a Zenmuse gimbal and camera combination (X5S to be more precise) which makes shooting aerial images and 4K videos a breeze. Additionally, it also has a miniature FPV camera so you can maintain a closer look at your drone’s path while simultaneously recording your point of interest. Feature-wise, DJI Inspire 2 has everything all-new DJI drones have. OcuSync is here, but so are ActiveTrack, GPS, Follow Me (and several other smart flying modes) and TapFly. There’s also a brand-new addition in the form of obstacle avoidance sensors which give an extra edge to reliability.

Last but not least, it’s only appropriate to get a glance of DJI Inspire 2’s specifications. With everything else being perfect, it would be a shame to see shabby specs. However, DJI Inspire 2 isn’t keen on imperfection and sports 5 kilometers of operating range and close to half an hour of flight time. Plus, you can always get a couple of extra batteries and set up a charging hub in order to have non stop action.

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As you can see, there are a lot of great drones that sport the Follow Me function. While the budget models aren’t really that much represented with these features, mid-tier and premium ones adopted it without any issues. To summarize, if you are looking for a great drone that can follow you around while you do your routine and presumably take pictures and videos, you can’t go wrong with any of the ones that are listed above.

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