Best drones you can buy for less than $50

If you are looking to get into the drone hobby, then you have come to the right place. I am sure you all know that there is no point in spending couple hundred bucks for your first drone because, as a beginner pilot, you don’t even know whether you will like it or not. Among other factors, this is probably the most important one. This is why we strongly recommend you choose a budget-friendly drone. Luckily, there is a whole heap of them on the market. The drones under $50 category are among the broadest ones out there.

It’s sometimes really hard to say what’s the best drone under $50. This leads to quite a common problem – finding the best one for your needs. Well, if you happen to stumble upon that problem, just read through this list and I am sure you will get a much better picture. So, with this in mind, let’s jump straight to the action.


Are these under $50 drones worth it?

Well, if you’re a first-time flyer or a complete beginner who perhaps only controlled a drone once or twice… then these under $50 drones are definitely worth every penny. Surprisingly, they’re all quite durable. Whether that’s because of their build quality or simply because of the fact they’re not fast – I won’t get into that… But what I can tell you is that these drones can survive a fair share of crashes and still work as good as new.

Another worthy aspect of such cheap drones are cheap extra parts as well. So, if you happen to break a few propellers or destroy a motor, you won’t have to spend a fortune to get them replaced. Of course, it goes without saying that spare parts are of crucial importance for these cheap drones. So, if you stumble upon a drone that you like, you MUST MAKE SURE that there are plenty of spare parts available. If you don’t, you might end up with a $50 worth of junk after the first crash. Just saying…


What should you look for?

Well, honestly… you really can’t expect A LOT from these drones… at least when it comes to their respective specifications. You see, most of the time you will face up to 50 meters of range (which, trust me, isn’t as bad as it might initially sound) and several minutes of airtime. If we are to be more precise here, airtime usually hovers anywhere from 5 to 7… even 10 minutes, if you are lucky enough and read through the list carefully.

A camera is a virtue. A big one for that matter. Still, you cannot expect full HD footage and 5.8G FPV transmission. As a matter of fact, some of you don’t even know what does the latter mean in the first place. So, for those who are more interested in honing their aerial photography skills, I sincerely suggest taking a look at our Drones Under $100 list. There are a few good models suitable for AP there.


Table: Best Drones under $50

ImageNameRangeFlight TimePrice
10. Eachine E010 Mini30m5minSee price now
9. Hubsan X4 (H107C)50m7minSee price now
JJRC Elfie Drone Table8. JJRC Elfie40m8minSee price now
7. Holy Stone HS170 Predator50m8minSee price now
6. Haktoys HAK905100m10minSee price now
5. Cheerson CX 1040m5minSee price now
4. AKASO K88100m7minSee price now
3. Haktoys S611 Storm Ryder75m10minSee price now
2. AUKEY Mohawk Drone75m10minSee price now
1. Syma X5C50m6minSee price now

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10. Eachine E010

eachine-e010-miniNow that I’ve told you more about the things you can expect from this price range, it is time to take a closer look at the 10 best drones you can get. Starting off with Eachine E010, I’ll make you realize just how fun these cheap quadcopters can really be. So, without much further adue, let’s start with the countdown!

Eachine E010 is a nice looking mini drone that will set you back for no more than $20 and trust me, it’s incredibly fun. More than you will like to admit after the first couple of minutes flying this thing. Eachine E010 is incredibly small (can easily fit into the palm of your hand) but has decent speed for such miniature size. It will buzz through your room like a little tornado so make sure you hide away anything it could turn over and break.

Moreover, it features the well-known one key return to home function which is extremely useful since your drone will return to your location once it gets out of range. With its range being somewhere around 30 meters and its flight time up to 5 minutes, this little fella is a nice addition to this list, and a great way to start it off.



9. Hubsan X4 (H107C)

hubsan-x4-h107cEven though the regular price of this drone is just above 50 bucks (51.99 to be more precise), it is constantly on sale for less than $40 ($36.93 at the time of writing this article) which makes it a proper bargain.

With a famous name such as Hubsan standing behind a drone, it comes as no surprise that it packs quite a powerful punch in such a small package. H107C is a miniature drone that is equipped with the latest 6-axis gyro system whose sensitivity is fully adjustable meaning both beginners and more experienced pilots can have their fun. It even comes with a built-in 0.3MP camera. Truth be told, it does not come with a memory card so you are forced to use your own if you want to capture some good old aerial footage.

If you are wondering how much will you be able to record on a single full charge, then you will be happy when I tell you it has around 7 minutes of flight time which is more than enough for a drone of its size. Combine that with close to 100 meters of flight range (keep in mind there’s no way you can see your drone at that distance unless you use binoculars or something) and you get yourself a real champ.



8. JJRC Elfie

Best drones under $50.

In the light of a massive number of selfie drones emerging on a daily basis, I present an entry-level option coming straight from JJRC. Codename H37, Elfie sports a clean, foldable design with a mediocre camera that is able to shoot brilliant aerial selfies. But, for just $40, is JJRC Elfie worthy of being called a selfie drone? Well, let’s find out by taking a closer look at it!

JJRC Elfie AKA H37 is a smartphone-controlled drone that incorporates several basic features such as altitude hold, headless mode and one key return. Even though these features aren’t GPS powered, they still work surprisingly well, although with a much lesser accuracy than premium models. There’s also a 0.3MPX built-in camera that does a fine job with taking selfies. Don’t expect too much from it though as it’s not the best camera out there. Despite that, for $40 I’d say it’s more than appropriate.

Lastly – specifications. Considering JJRC Elfie is an app-controlled drone, it comes as no surprise that its maximum range goes around 40 meters. Furthermore, I should also mention that its flight time can go up to 8 minutes if you aren’t recording all the time. If you are, your airtime will lo2er to roughly 4-5 minutes.


7. Holy Stone HS170 Predator

holy-stone-hs170-predatorThis list could not go by without at least one of Holy Stones many excellent drones. Their HS170 is one of the most popular drones in this price range (only Syma X5C has bigger popularity) but its features and specifications justify that in every sense. Still, this insanely small drone is capable of stirring a fair share of dust due to its powerful motors and solid build quality. Is there anything else good about this little birdie? Well, let’s see…

When it comes to controls, you are looking at a true beginner-friendly drone. With fluid (read highly responsive) controls and a controller that will put you right inside the cockpit, Holy Stone Hs170 Predator will surely amaze you. It’s great for teaching children how to operate drones and get them to fall in love with this awesome hobby.

With headless mode, anti-interference technology, and 6-axis gyro stabilization, Holy Stone Hs170 Predator proves to be on par in the features department. Moving forward to its specifications, up to 8 minutes of flight time seems good but only 50 meters of a lag-free range is a bit too low. Still, it’s a great all-around drone, especially if you have kids who would enjoy it as a Christmas gift… or pretty much a gift for any occasion.



6. Haktoys HAK905

haktoys-hak905If you are looking for a cheap but relatively big drone, then HAK905 could be the right one for you. Not only is it big and bulky (7 inches diagonally), it is rather bright and colorful as well. Thanks to its strong LED lights placed next to its propellers and their respective guards, it shines bright even through the darkest of nights.

Moving forward, it is important to note Haktoys made sure their HAK905 is equipped with a handful of features. These include 2 adjustable speed modes (for beginners and more advanced users) which is probably the biggest feature on display here. Obviously, beginner speed mode not only limits drone’s throttle but the angle of its pitch and jaw as well, making it much less maneuverable… but that much safer for beginners to fly. Additionally, you also have access to 360 flips with a clean and intuitive one-button control scheme.

When it comes to its specifications, it doesn’t fall short of expectations. For a drone that costs a bit less than $50, you will get up to 9 minutes of flight time and cca 100 meters of flight range. This could easily be the best drone under $50, do you agree?



5. Cheerson CX 10

If you want the smallest possible drone (well, CX 10 is somewhat similar in size to Eachine E010 which was featured as the 10th model on this list), then Cheerson has the right one for you. Their CX 10 model is an amazingly small model (it nicely fits even in the smallest of hands) which is actually powerful enough to be flown outdoors. Still, it shines the best indoor where its size makes up for a worry-free experience.

Yup, Cheerson CX 10 is among the best indoor drones ever made. It does not have sharp propellers that could damage your belongings (although, mishaps can still happen so you should be careful), but can still provide you with a ton of fun. Even more so if you purchase this for children. Due to its intuitive controls and great design, children are going absolutely crazy for Cheerson CX 10.

Moving forward, I suppose I should also tell you a couple of things about this little fella’s specifications. Keep in mind though – they most certainly won’t amaze you… But what else did you expect from a nano drone? Starting off with the range, Cheerson CX 10 can go as far as 40 meters which is more than enough for indoor use. Airtime, on the other hand, falls short with just 4-5 minutes. Luckily, Cheerson CX 10 charges back up in roughly 30 to 40 minutes, meaning your children can have another flying session right after they finish with their homework.



4. AKASO K88

akaso-k88This beautiful looking drone comes with a pretty clunky frame. Those thick prop guards, that will most likely be the first thing you notice about this little fella, are built-in and have small LEDs placed all around. This is, of course, for extra visibility during night flights… which is the perfect scenario for Akaso K88.

Inside the package, you will not only find the drone and its controller but 3 extra batteries along with 4 spare blades which are rather convenient. The drone itself is able to do all sorts of flips with just one push of a button and sports a small, built-in 2MPX camera capable of providing you with “meh” image quality. Still, the camera is a nice addition especially in this price range and on such a bulky device.

Specification-wise, it can travel up to 100 meters away from its transmitter and its battery can endure cca 6 minutes of flight time. Combine all of the above-mentioned features and you’ll understand why this little fella is such a big hit… not just with children and first-time flyers but with more experienced drone users as well.



3. Haktoys S611 Storm Ryder

haktoys-s611-storm-ryderHaktoys has quite a few outstanding drones in the cheapest of price ranges. Our story goes the same when we look at their S611 Storm Ryder model. The man figure on top (the Storm Ryder) sets it apart from all the other drones in this price range. Other than its unique appearance, the S611 can brag about its specifications as well. Want to know what’s so special about this little fella… except that weird robot figure that’s on top of it? Well, here goes…

With 45 minutes of charging time combined with 10 minutes in the air and up to 60 meters of flight distance, Haktoys S611 Storm Ryder definitely is no joke. It is a great starting drone that kids will adore, that’s for sure. Not only because of its Storm Ryder leading the charge but because of the shiny LED strips that are placed around the protective frame and highly responsive controls. All things considered, Haktoys’ S611 is a great drone that deserves its place on this list.

Come to think of it, Haktoys clearly aimed this drone towards children. It’s not too fast, has protective guards that minimize potential damage to the property of people and is nicely poised with quality specifications. All things considered, Haktoys’ S611 is a great drone that deserves its place on this list.



2. AUKEY Mohawk Drone

aukey-mohawk-droneAs you can see from the title of this paragraph, we are talking about Mohawk by AUKEY. It’s a fairly simple (but nice nonetheless) looking drone with yellow/gray propellers that make it stand out with its simplistic design. But, since it does not come with a camera, why on Earth is it placed as the runner up for our best drones under $50 list?

Well, that’s partly because of the fact you can buy an all in one FPV system (just google XK X250 FPV system, it’s basically the same model) and boost this baby all the way into the FPV territory. The above-stated AIO FPV combo is actually pretty sleek. Even though we are talking about a mere 25mW system, it’s still good enough to provide you with a stutter-free experience for more than 100 meters. Plus, DVR is supported too, allowing you to practice amateur aerial photography with this agile little fella.

Under the hood, Aukey Mohawk has a couple of on-point functions such as one key take-off and landing, headless mode and the ever-so-popular LED lights. When it comes to its specifications, it doesn’t disappoint at all. With more than 10 minutes of flight time and 100+ meters operating range, the Mohawk Drone cements its place as one of the best budget drones on the market.



1. Syma X5C


Best drone under $50.

Syma X5C is by far the most popular drone in this price range. With a whole heap of satisfied customers who are constantly praising it for its qualities, this comes as no surprise. Even though it is not exactly the prettiest drone on the market with its cheap-plastic feeling to it, you will be surprised at how much torture this thing can go through. The frame, although it feels cheap, is actually quite sturdy and helps the drone survive falls and crashes without a sweat.

Another thing that shows just how good this drone is – there are more than a dozen outright copies available on the market. I won’t be name-calling here, don’t worry… but I still felt the need to emphasize this. So, in other words, make sure you get the original Syma X5C, otherwise, you will most likely end up disappointed.

Moving forward to its specifications – it has around 8 minutes of flight time which is a pretty good number. Moreover, you can control it without any lag for up to 100 meters which is just enough to make you lose track of it. Still, if we take all the above-mentioned things into consideration, it is pretty clear why Syma X5C deserves the number one spot on this list.




And there you have it guys. Our Top 10 Drones Under $50 list is completed, and it safe to say it featured a couple of top-notch drones that you can get for a dirt-cheap price. The best thing about these drones is that you don’t have to be extra careful and worry that you’re going to break them. You can buy extra parts for just a couple of bucks, or even buy a brand new one if you experience a mishap.

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