Best Drones You Can Buy For Less Than $200

With drones on a steep rise in recent months, people have finally accepted them. More and more of them are opting to buy one for themselves or their kids. If you are among them, then you have come to the right place. Your son/daughter wants a drone and doesn’t accept NO for an answer? You are actually thinking of buying one but you don’t have a single clue on what to look for or how much money you want to spend on it?

Table: Best Drones under $200

10. UDI U818A30m9min720pSee price now
9. Syma X8W100m7min720pSee price now
8. HUBSAN H107D X4100m7minVGASee price now
7. Kidcia Quad100m10min720pSee price now
6. Holy Stone HS300150m15minGoProSee price now
MJX Bugs 3 Plava Tablica5. MJX Bugs 3300m15minGoProSee price now
4. UDI U34W80m8min720pSee price now
holy-stone-f1813. Holy Stone F181W100m10min720pSee price now
2. UDI U818Plus150m15min720pSee price now
1. MJX Bugs 2C1000m18minFull HDSee price now

Well, I got you covered with this awesome list of 10 best budget-friendly drones where we’ll see what’s the best drone under $200. Later you can check out our list of Drones Below $300. All drones featured on this list are under $200 which means you will not have to rob your piggy bank to buy your LO a nice new toy.



10. UDI U818A

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I’m going to start this list off with an interesting looking model that has amazing specifications. It’s called UDI U818A and could very well suit all your cravings for drone flying. So, without much further adue, let’s jump straight to action and see what’s this little fella all about!

Camera and features

UDI U818A packs an astonishing number of features for way below $200. The best feature (in my opinion) is the support for VR headsets. This means that its FPV camera can be used to display live video feed to your VR headset. Combine that with a quality 2MPX  HD camera, bonus power bank which quadruples its flight time and an industry standard 6-axis gyro stabilizer and you got yourself a pretty good drone for a relatively cheap price.


In terms of specifications, this is where UDI U818A shines the most. Believe it or not, this little bugger can fly up to 10 minutes and go as far as 100 meters away from its controller. Even though we’re at the top of this list of drones under $200, on your way to the best model you will realize that these are generally the average (if not above that, come to think of it) specifications you can expect. So, with that in mind, there’s no doubt UDI U818A is a worthy purchase!



9. Syma X8W

Syma X8W Novi

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Syma did a good job with the default X8G drone model. Now, they went one step further and made a small upgrade. They renamed it to X8W and added in an FPV camera that is able to broadcast live feed up to 50 meters away. Is this enough for it to be a worthy under $200 drone? Let’s see…

Features and camera

Like I said above, Syma X8W, in contrast to X8G, sports an actual camera within the package. We are talking about a tiny 2MPX camera that’s capable of recording decent aerial footage. Moving forward, it needs to be said that Syma X8W is quite a big drone (especially for this price range). Luckily, that only makes it more stable during strong winds and gives you better image smoothness. It comes with prop guards as an extra layer of safety. Don’t take them off – you’ll lose the safety factor and get a minimal (we’re talking just a few seconds here) boost to airtime and speed. If you ask me, there’s no way that’s worth the risk.


The only con of this drone is its excessively long charging time. It takes more than 3 hours to fully charge it… And you will only get around 7 to 8 minutes of flight time after a full charge. Luckily, the range is standing much better at roughly 100 meters. As I’ve already stated above, FPV is half that but still enough to justify the price. Other than that – it’s FPV 2MP camera is able to produce good quality feed and capture excellent HD videos, which is always a great virtue of drones that cost below $100.



8. HUBSAN H107D X4

Hubsan H107D Novi

More photos & price on Amazon

Hubsan has made quite a few budget drones in recent times, but none of them stands out from the crowd as their H107D X4 model. It’s a beautifully compact drone with shiny LED lights underneath each set of blades. But, is that all Hubsan H107D X4 has to offer? Let’s check it out and we might even find out!

Camera and features

The built-in camera may not be the best on the market, but it will give you an awesome FPV experience. However, if you want to step up a notch, you can always pair this birdie up with a set of FPV goggles. Needless to say, they’ll provide you with an even more immersive experience unlike any other. The most important thing about Hubsan H107D X4 is the fact it features FPV. Surprisingly enough, it is able to perform extraordinarily due to the 5.8 GHz controller that comes with it. It features a clean design and a decently bright LCD display that you’re going to use for FPV.


Furthermore, Hubsan H107D X4 can go on for roughly 8 minutes and travel up to 100 meters away from its controller with FPV feed still running. Combine that with only 30 minutes per charge and you’ll understand why it is so popular ! Even though it’s not the best drone under $200, it still offers great value for the money ration and you should definitely consider it.



7. Kidcia Quad

Kidcia Quadcopter Novi

More photos & price on Amazon

If you are one of those people who are more interested in features than specifications, then you will surely love this one. Kidcia has a very special model that incorporates a miraculous number of features never seen before in this price range… And just for setting the record straight -Kidcia quadcopter costs slightly over $100.

Camera and features

Believe it or not, Kidcia quadcopter features headless mode, FPV, one key return and altitude hold. Unfortunately, FPV (uses integrated 0.5MPX camera) works via WiFi which means it’s going to be slightly laggy and lack numbers in operating range department. On the bright side, check out the last two features. Usually, they only work with GPS-ready drones. However, several entry-level models (including this one) come with new technology which enables OKR and AH to work without GPS. They’re not perfect, but still get the job done.

People love extra features and this drone stands tall in that department. In addition to those mentioned above, Kidcia also implemented 2 more (yes, I saved the best for last) –  Gravity Sensor and Track-Controlled mode. The former will let you control your drone by moving your smartphone through the air,  just like you would control your car in a racing simulation f.e. Asphalt. The latter is technically a slimmed down copy of Waypoints. It allows you to draw a small flight plan for your drone, but it’s not nearly as accurate as GPS-powered Waypoints mode.


In terms of specifications, Kidcia is most likely going to disappoint you. It sports approximately 8 minutes of airtime and has control distance up to 100 meters. FPV, on the other hand, suffers from WiFi connectivity and can only reach 20-30 meters. Is that enough for Kidcia quadcopter to land some sales? Well, it actually is.



6. Holy Stone HS300

Holy Stone HS300 Novi

More photos & price on Amazon

The silver medal goes to Holy Stone HS300 – a simple yet outstanding across all departments. First of all, we’re talking about a massive drone here. Holy Stone HS300 weights in at 1.4 pounds (0.633 kg) which is a lot above the average in this segment of drones market. But, is it good for a drone of this caliber to weigh this much?

Camera and features

Quite frankly – it is! Holy Stone HS300 is insanely easy to control. Due to its weight and size, it’s incredibly stable which, of course, improves the overall flying experience. More importantly, this baby sports a 5MPX camera that is capable of recording 1080p footage at 30 fps. Needless to say, videos are nice and smooth, just like you would expect from a drone made by Holy Stone.


Feature-wise, Holy Stone HS300 has one key landing, headless mode, adjustable speed settings, one key rolls and altitude hold. Last but not least, let’s check out the specifications of this bad boy! With a powerful 7.4Volts, 2000mAh, Li-Po battery running the show, Holy Stone HS300 can fly for roughly 8 to 12 minutes. In terms of range, you’re looking at approximately 150 meters. Not bad for a drone that costs slightly under $200. For more powerful performance I recommend the upgraded Holy Stone HS100 is among drones that costs less than $500!



5. MJX Bugs 3

MJX Bugs 3 Novi 2

More photos & price on Amazon

After 5 awesome models, now we’re going to talk about one of the best drones under $200, MJX Bugs 3. Drone that’s already been mentioned for its superior stability. In addition to that, you should know that MJX Bugs 3 is also the perfect aerial photography platform on-the-cheap. It’s huge, stable, durable… and does not come with a camera…

Camera and features

Yup, MJX Bugs 3 does not come with an actual camera. Fortunately, it comes with a mounting bracket that supports a huge number of action cameras. GoPro’s are on the list as well… What this means is that you can basically put a freakin GoPro Hero 5 Black if you own one. Better the camera – better the footage. As simple as that. MJX Bugs 3 will aid with unparalleled stability and your action camera will do everything else. What more could you ask for?!


When it comes to specifications, MJX Bugs 3 will blow you away. Roughly 300 meters of range and cca 15 minutes of airtime make this birdie among the best in this price range. That, combined with aerial photography potential make MJX Bugs 3 the best drone under $200 that’s currently available on the market.



4. UDI U34W

UDI U34W Novi

More photos & price on Amazon

UDI U34W might not seem like a solid quadcopter right at the first glance, but once you get into it you’ll know what it’s all about. We are talking about an awesome children-friendly mini-drone sporting a stylish controller. Safety first is what it’s all about with this one since it rocks thick prop guards on both sides. It sports a camera too… not the best one but still… something’s better than nothing.

Camera and features

Of course, coming in at this price range, you cannot really expect an FHD or 4K camera. UDI U34W sports a tiny 720p-capable sensor that can even output FPV live stream to your smartphone. Other than that, it’s also noteworthy to mention this little bugger sports 3 adjustable flying speeds as well as its dedicated app called FlyingSee. You’ll have to use it if you want to enjoy FPV and record it straight to your smartphone. Last but not least, you’ll see it’s being marketed to have custom flight path and altitude hold modes… and it indeed does. But, since we are not talking about a GPS-powered drones, don’t think so highly of them.


Considering this is a small drone, it’s actually quite surprising to see it powered by a bulky battery. More precisely, this birdie runs on a 350mAh 2S (yep, you read that one, plenty of juice available for this birdie with a 7.4V LiPo) battery that can keep it in the air for approximately 8 minutes. Apart from that, you’ll also be happy to hear that UDI U34W can travel up to 80 meters away from its controller. Pretty neat for such a small and highly affordable drone, don’t you think?



3. Holy Stone F181W

Holy Stone F181C Novi

More photos & price on Amazon

There are actually 2 Holy Stone F181 models out there, C and W versions. We are basically talking about the same drones with just one difference – C versin lacks the WiFi FPV module. Everything else regarding the hardware (and the package in general) is identical. So, now that we have that out of our way, let’s see what’s so good about the better (and slightly more expensive) Holy Stone F181W!

Camera and features

We are talking about a fairly stable drone here which is, I guess, not surprising considering it sports altitude hold. Once again, these are not GPS powered drones so you will have to get used to a little bit of drift here and there. For full-on GPS experience, you’ll have to get your hands on MJX Bugs 2C. Moving forward, Holy Stone F181W also comes with headless mode, adjustable flying speed, and even one key flips. Let’s not forget about WiFi FPV too which will blow your mind, especially if this is your very first drone.


Specifications-wise, Holy Stone F181W falls into the middle basket. Extreme numbers aren’t exactly it’s thing… but it’s by no means a bad performer. Nope – with around 8 to 10 minutes of flight time and 100 meters of operating range, there’s no doubt it will provide you with fun flying sessions. However, FPV is limited to around 50 meters so that might be an issue for some of you. It wasn’t for me though – I had a blast with this one! Still, if you’re looking for something a bit beefier, I warmly suggest taking a closer look at the 1st spot – MJX Bugs 2C!



2. UDI U818Plus

UDI U818Plus Novi

More photos & price on Amazon

Runner-up for our top pick is an amazing drone made by UDI. The name is U818Plus and it’s a really stellar performer across the board. It sports that same signature UDI design with thick prop guards incorporated in the main frame. Beneath that, you’ll find a huge camera lifted above the ground by 2 sturdy landing legs. Needless to say, we are talking about a decent all-around model that falls short of the first spot by a pinch…

Camera and features

UDI U818Plus packs quite a few interesting features. The most notable one is definitely altitude hold which aims to keep controls easy for beginners. More experienced users will feel some benefits too, allowing them to focus solely on taking the perfect shot with the onboard camera. There’s also headless mode and FPV, the latter of which works fluently on both Android and iOS devices. As for the camera, you’re looking at a 720p capable sensor that makes a damn fine work. It’s nothing spectacular but will do the trick for this low of a price tag.


For under $200, UDI U818Plus actually delivers outstanding performance. It’s still nowhere near Bugs 2C, but that one is in its own level. So, as far as the numbers go for this little bugger, you can expect nothing but stellar display. With max 15 minutes of airtime and all the way to 150 meters of range, UDI U818Plus is bound to provide a great flying experience. Combine that with stable flying and solid camera and you got yourself a proper champ. However, if you splash out just a few bucks more you could be getting an absolute heavyweight… the MJX Bugs 2C!



1. MJX Bugs 2C

More photos & price on Amazon

At the top spot we have MJX Bugs 2C, a close cousin to the already well established Bugs 2W. But what’s different about this one and why does it cost les than B2W? The obvious difference between the 2 is the color – B2W comes in either black or red while B2C sports a glossy white finish. But that’s not all… What I am basically trying to say here is that there is just one real thing differentiating B2W from B2C… and you can learn more about it right down below in the Camera and Features section!

Camera and features

You see, the only real difference between these two (and besides their colors) are their cameras. Not the sensors though – we are talking about 2 identical wide-angle cameras capable of recording in Full HD. Instead, the difference is within their transmitters. B2W supports 5Ghz WiFi while B2C can only record its integrated SD card.  Besides that, MJX Bugs 2C is exactly the same as B2W. So, as far as features go these 2 have the exact same set – altitude hold, GPS+GLONASS, return to home, headless mode and failsafe protocols. Pretty neat coming from a drone cheaper than $200, don’t you think?


For those of you unfamiliar with Bugs 2W, I am sure you will be amazed by the specifications. Let’s kick things off with the battery duration. Both MJX Bugs 2C and 2W can withstand approximately 18 minutes flying through the air. Operating range is the same too, closing in at cca 1 kilometer. On top of all that, B2W also sports WiFi FPV with cca 500 meters of transmission distance… but at a slightly more expensive price point. But, if you want something that’s durable, cheap and produces great aerial footage from a far out, then there’s no better option than MJX Bugs 2C!


Not seeing what you were looking for? Why don’t you check out our list of Drones Below $100?

Types of drones under $200

Let’s face it, for under $200 you will not be able to find the perfect, all-around drone that can be used for racing, tricks and casual aerial photography. These models are highly limited to one and perhaps two of those. For instance, you might pick up a smooth 5.8G FPV racer that’s agile enough to pull out all sorts of tricks… but it’s camera and stability aren’t that good to suit your aerial photography needs.

Or, on the other hand, you get a stable model such as MJX Bugs 3 which can output perfect aerial footage when paired up with a nice camera… but it’s too bulky and slow for tricks and doesn’t feature 5.8G for FPV. So, with that in mind, let’s take a quick look at what different types of drones are all about!

For a decent FPV racer, all you need is a good 5.8g vtx/vrx system combined together with lightweight frame and solid TVL camera. There are plenty of such models available on the market. As a matter of fact, there's plenty of those available on the list below as well.
If you're looking for a trickster, chances are you'll find them in miniature, agile drones with high pitches and rolls that will immerse you in fast-paced stunts. For advanced users, I'd warmly recommend a FPV trickster as it gives an entirely different perspective and puts you straight into pilot's cockpit.
There are 2 types of photography drones in this market section. First being drones with miniature built-in cameras. Usually, they're small sized and possess good stability. Second type is a lot bulkier but possesses more powerful motors that give just enough takeoff force for carrying small action cameras.


Most notable brands in this price range

Realistically, Syma is still having a tight grasp on drone market below the $200 price point. With a lot of powerful (and highly popular) models available, there’s nothing stopping them from growing even bigger. Another thing that proves their dominance is the sheer number of copycats which are trying to pick fruit off their X5 and X8 models.

Moving forward, there are 2 more brands that are standing tall in this section – Hubsan and Holy Stone. Even though Hubsan is now slowly pivoting to high and medium-end markets, they still feature a few stellar models under (or around) the $200-mark. Holy Stone, on the other hand, is enjoying a lot of popularity with HS170 Predator, F181, and HS300, all of which are exceptional models just waiting to be picked up.


Accessories you should know about :

Even though all models from the list below are RTF (ready to fly), you should still consider buying some extras. In addition to spare parts, and I can’t stress enough just how important they are, you should also consider purchasing the following:

Prop guards
If you want to keep your propellers and motors as safe as possible, perhaps adding an extra layer of safety in the form of prop guards would be a great idea?! It’s true – prop guards do just what their name implies – protect the propellers. A huge number of beginners think prop guards aren’t effective and don’t even use them. “They just drag my drone down…” – they’ll say… But, in reality, prop guards are able to effectively block off incoming collision damage by absorbing most of the shock. That’s why, if you got prop guards within the package – USE THEM! On the other hand, if you didn’t get them, make sure you purchase them ASAP as they’re life savers.
Extra batteries
There is no doubt that extra batteries are the best accessory you can have for your drone. They allow you more flying time and, when paired up with a combo charger, can provide you with non-stop drone flying whenever you choose. Pick wisely though – if you are not savvy when it comes to electronics, I’d suggest you go for extra stock batteries. On the other hand, if you know your way around Li Po’s, there are certain models on this list that can work with higher capacity batteries which give extra throttle and airtime.
Spare parts
As mentioned above, spare parts are extremely important for the longevity of your drone. If you ask me, after purchasing a new drone under $200 (or under $100), the best thing to do is order extra parts before it even arrives. That way, you’ll have them at disposal as soon as something breaks. And trust me, things will break. Propellers and motors being first in line in most cases. So, if you don’t like waiting a couple of days until new parts arrive, keeping them somewhere safe before the accident could end up saving you a ton of nerves.



I hope that this list has helped you with picking the right drone for your needs. As you can see, drones are not so expensive as they used to be a couple of years ago. Cheapest models can be found for well under $100. You can check those models HERE. All in all, if you are opting for a $100-$200 model, you can’t go wrong with any of those that are listed above.


Removed Drones

Parrot AR. Drone 2.0

If I was to judge these drones solely on their appearance, then the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 would be a clear winner. It comes in three colors: snow, jungle, and sand. Each has unique patters on the main body which make it look incredibly cool.

Another very important aspect of this drone is the fact that it does not come with a controller. It relies on your smartphone for piloting… Luckily, it supports both Android and iOS devices… Hopefully, you’re not stuck with a Windows phone because that would render this drone unusable. Moving forward, Parrot AR 2.0 has quite a lot of airtime – up to 10 minutes to be more precise. Unfortunately, operating range works via WiFi which is a clear sign it’s not going to be good. You’re looking at roughly 50 meters after which you will lose connection.

Parrot Ar Drone used to be the best drone under $200, but it’s somehow outdated now. This is mostly due to the fact its dedicated FreeFlight app isn’t getting any more updates. Luckily, Parrot AR 2.0 community is huge and filled with enthusiasts who created a 3rd party app that allows even more control over this little birdie.



On the 9th spot we have an interesting drone made by JJRC. It’s called H8D and possesses excellent FPV capabilities paired together with a hobby-styled controller and a whole bunch of accessories. But, why is it placed so low on the list then? Well, it doesn’t have the best specifications which are clearly its biggest downside…

JJRC H8D comes in a beautiful blue aluminum case with quality foam making sure everything is perfectly fitted in its place. It features FPV with a separate LCD screen that comes with the package. It is easily mountable on the transmitter and even sports a sleek shader which will come in handy on sunny days. Furthermore, JJRC H8D’s exact dimensions are 18 x 14.4 x 6.2 inches and it can fly around for roughly 8 minutes. The range goes up to 50 meters which is, if we are to be completely honest here, not that much.

When it comes to those awesome accessories I told you about above, you are getting 3 500 mAh batteries, 2 spare motors, 4GB storage card, USB card reader, battery charger and 4 spare propellers. The drone is RTF (ready to fly) which means all you have to do is charge it up and it is good to go.



Here we have the AP9 made by AEE Technology. It’s a gorgeous little birdie that does not come with a dedicated camera. Instead, this cute little drone comes with a bracket which has support for GoPro cameras. This basically means you can place any action camera that you have lying around (might be a problem to fit some of them appropriately, but with a little DIY spirit everything is possible) and record aerial videos.

Starting off with features, it needs to be stated that AEE AP9 comes with integrated GPS. It allows a handful of useful features. They include altitude hold, semi-autonomous flight, and unparalleled stability. In terms of top speed, you’re looking at approximately 44mph with GPS turned off and 20-30mph when it’s on. AEE AP9 runs on 5300mAh smart LiPo battery that ensures up to 25 minutes of airtime. The range is outstanding too – cca 500 meters is bound to be enough for most of you.

In terms of camera support, AEE AP9 works with GoPro HERO models as well as AEE S-Series. This is because it comes with 2 different mounts. Additionally,  it’s noteworthy to add that its battery takes just half an hour for the initial charge. After that, it drops down to around 2 and a half – 3 hours which is unsurprising considering its huge capacity. All things considered, if you’re looking for a promising aerial platform with GPS and you already own a GoPro, AEE AP9 is well worth checking out!


Traxxas Alias

Traxxas, a company that’s more known for its RC cars than drones, has a very special treat for us. Their entry level 8806 model, commonly referred to as Alias, has some interesting features that you might like. With an insanely sleek design, just like its big brother Aton, Alias looks unearthly. The question is, though – is its performance on the same level as design?

It rocks high powered brushed motors and a lightweight body, enabling it to go really fast. Come to think of it, I would not be surprised if Traxxas Alias is the fastest drone on this list. Other specifications aren’t half bad either. Airtime hovers around 12-15 minutes due to the 650mAh LiPo battery hidden inside. Range, however, is looking even sharper. You can expect around 150 meters, perhaps a bit less than that if you’re surrounded by trees, buildings and similar.

The best thing about Traxxas Alias is its ability to carry a miniature camera. Yes, by default it does not come with it… but buying one isn’t a huge investment. For example, you can get the extremely popular BrightTea 808 #16 V3 for as little as cca $50. It weighs only 17 grams and can be easily mounted with velcro.

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