Best Drones You Can Buy For Less Than $100

I am sure all of you are aware of the fact that drones are everywhere around us. First, they were considered as secret army stuff, but lately, they are considered as modern man’s toys. At first, there were not so many drone manufacturers and thus, they were quite expensive in their early days.

But that has changed because lots of startups are focusing on drones. They developed a healthy competition on the market causing the prices to drop significantly lower than a few years back.

Table : Drones under $100

ImageNameRangeFlight TimeCameraPrice
10. Syma X5C50m6min720pSee price now
9. Holy Stone HS17050m8min720pSee price now
8. PowerLead D015150m8min720pSee price now
7. UDI U84550m9min720pSee price now
6. Hubsan X4 H107D100m7min480pSee price now
5. UDI U818A30m9min720pSee price now
4. Air Hogs DR160m5min480pSee price now
holy-stone-f1813. Holy Stone F181C100m8min720pSee price now
2. UDI U34W100m10min720pSee price now
1. UDI U49C200m15min720pSee price now

Nowadays, we can find small drones (without cameras) for as little as $20. But, these drones are miniature (they can fit in the palm of your hand) and, quite frankly, I am not even sure is it OK for me to call them drones in the first place. Another very popular category is Drones Below $200.

Don’t worry, I am not going to be showing you 10 of these cam-less kids toys… Nope! What I am going to do is show you best “real” drones that you can find for less than a hundred bucks, we’ll find out what’s the best drone under $100! That sounds awesome, right? Well, I bet you are eager to find out more about them so I’ll cut to the chase and jump straight to business!




10. Syma X5C

Syma X5C Novi

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Syma is, by far, the most popular entry-level drone brand. They have a huge number of drones available, and one of the most popular syma drones is their X5C. A dirt cheap drone with a lot to showcase. What exactly is it capable of? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

Syma X5C sports a clean white finish with 2 spare sets of blades, one blue and other red. As a matter of fact, you get a whole heap of accessories in the package: a carrying case, extra Li-Po batteries, a 1-year warranty, 4GB Micro SD Card, charging cable, battery charger and to top it all off – a users manual… which, let’s be realistic, no one ever reads!

Furthermore, Xyma X5C has responsive controls so your flying experience is bound to be awesome. With this being said, it is one of the most beginner-friendly models currently available on the market. In addition to all of this, it also sports a 2MP camera which can shoot decent quality videos. What’s even better, as many other models featured in this list, it does not require the FAA registration. Lastly, specifications – Syma X5C can travel up to 60 meters and has 7 minutes of airtime. Charging time goes around one and a half hour mark, so picking up a few extra batteries would significantly improve your experience. It might not be the best drone under $100, but it is definitely great beginner friendly cheap drone.


9. Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2

Holy Stone HS170C Novi

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Perhaps not the most known drone manufacturer, Holy Stone has a cute little drone prepared for us. These folk managed to do a great job with their newest model – HS170C Predator 2. The drone itself looks outright amazing with its minimalistic black finish with 2 white blades in the front. It even sports a miniature camera, but more on that later. For now, let’s see what sort of performance can we get out of this miniature drone.

First of all, it needs to be said that the range isn’t as good as I initially hoped. You’re only going to get around 50 meters which could be problematic for some of you. On the other hand, airtime is decent at 8 minutes, so nothing to add there. Charging time is good as well – for those 8 minutes of airtime you’ll need to charge this baby up for roughly an hour.

Lastly, like I’ve already mentioned above – Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 sports a miniature 2MPX camera. It is able to capture 720p videos (in only 30FPS though) and comes with a 4 gig Micro SD card that’s used for storage. Furthermore, Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 has great wind resistance and is generally very easy to control. All in all, if you’re looking for an agile mini drone, look no further as Holy Stone HS170C is exactly that!


8. PowerLead Pqad D015

Powerlead Pqad D015 Novi

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One of the best drones under $100 is surely the PowerLead Pqad D015. Not only does it work with an insane stability and is a proper breeze to fly even in stronger winds, but its max distance is around 150 meters which is amazing in this price range. But, is the range and outstanding stability enough to take the golden middle on this list? Let’s check it out and see for ourselves!

Even though it might look big and bulky on the pictures, the truth is PowerLead Pqad D015 is a fairly small drone. However, it still has a set of nice features that will surely surprise you once you start flying this thing around the backyard. Most notable ones are failsafe headless mode, 360 rolls, precise hovering and a dedicated 2MPX camera. Aerial footage is actually pretty good since the drone is stable. With that said, I’m sure PowerLead Pqad D015 will amaze you in this department.

Lastly, it needs to be said that this little bugger is fully charged in less than 90 minutes and its battery can withstand up to 8 minutes of flight time. Unfortunately, it does not feature FPV mode, but it surely makes up for it with everything else it has to offer! If you want FPV along with such good performance and specifications, then I am afraid you will have to look among the list of drones below $300!


7. UDI U845

UDI U845 Novi

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If you are looking for an alien-like drone, then your search has come to an end. Meet UDI U845, a UFO(ish) drone with awesome specifications and outstanding design that keeps one thing in focus – durability. Yes, it’s true – if you want a highly durable drone that will survive a fair share of mishaps, go for UDI u845 and you won’t be disappointed.

This UFO hexacopter incorporates a sturdy frame that has built in prop guards for ensuring ultimate safety during flying (and crashing). It’s nicely stable as well. Come to think of it, you can even use this baby indoor (looking for best indoor drones?) if you want – it’s that safe! In terms of features, UDI U845 incorporates headless mode, FPV (WiFi FPV unfortunately), and one key 360 flips. It works with a miniature HD camera that’s actually surprisingly good.

Specifications-wise, our little UFO here can fly up to 9 minutes which is slightly over the average numbers for this price point. Moving forward, it’s also noteworthy to add its operating range which is not that good. You’re looking at roughly 50 meters… The FPV range is even shorter – around 20 meters… but you can’t expect anything more from a WiFi-powered model. Still, UDI U845 sweeps the ground with competition due to its highly durable body. So, if durability and SciFi design are your things, UDI U845 is a no-brainer!


6. Hubsan X4 H107D

Hubsan H107D Novi

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Even though at the time of its release, this drone cost slightly more than $100, the price has dropped recently and is now a proper contender for the best drone under hundred bucks. Come to think of it, Hubsan H107D provides unparalleled value for money and is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a cheap, entry-level model. So, without much further adue, let’s see what is this little fella all about!

In terms of performance/specifications, Hubsan H107D is standing tall with decent numbers. If we are to be more precise here, it has 8 minutes of flight time and up to 100 meters of lag-free range. Sure, it’s not the best out of the bunch… but it’s still above average, which is nice. In terms of flight stability, I’d dare to say Hubsan H107D is in the middle of the pack. It’s not too shabby but there are issues during stronger winds.

What separates Hubsan H107D from other drones under $100 is its ultimately pleasing FPV capability. Even though there are WiFi versions out there (they are even cheaper than this version that I’m describing here), today we’re focusing on the 5.8G FPV edition that comes packed together with a controller featuring 4.3-inch LCD screen. FPV works up to 100 meters just like the stock operating range. Stock? Well, yeah – I almost forgot to tell you there are plenty of modifications you can do to this little fella. As a matter of fact, modding was a part why this baby is ranking so high on this list.


5. UDI U818A HD+

UDI U818A HJD+ Novi

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At the moment, UDI U818A HD+ drone is the best model under $100 This drone features a nice black design that will surely amaze your inner child. In terms of reliability, this is as safe as they get. Plus, as an added form of durability, UDI U818A HD+ has built-in propeller guards which spread across the entire build. But, are prop guards the only thing this baby is capable of? Of course not… why would it be ranked #1 if it’s bad…

UDI U818A HD+ possesses a 6 axis gyro for extra stability when flying during strong wind resistance. It is able to achieve a wide variety of stunts which won’t take too much practice in order to make them perfect. It features headless mode which eliminates the need to adjust its position before flying. Due to its small weight, UDI U818A HD+ does not require the FAA registration. In addition to all of this, this model also features a handy return home function which is activated with a single push of a button.

The HD+ in its name represents a miniature 2MPX camera that’s able to shoot videos in 720p. It’s decent enough for casual aerial photography but it won’t amaze you with its quality. On the other hand, what might amaze you are specifications. More precisely, I’m talking about roughly 70  to 100 meters of operating range and cca 8 to 10 minutes of flight time. Not bad for a drone that costs less than $100, right?


4. Air Hogs DR1

Air Hogs DR1 Novi

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For those of you looking to get into FPV racing, there is no better way to start off than with this little bugger. Air Hogs is on quite the roll at the moment with several of their models picking up the pace in recent months. One of them is their DR1 model which poses as a great budget breaker for wannabe FPV racers. It delivers solid performance and comes as a Ready To Fly package straight out of the box. What more could you want, right?!

Camera and features

Believe it or not, this miniature quadcopter can actually be considered as a pretty neat tiny whoop. It’s mainly meant for indoor use as it sports quite a heavy frame (for its hardware) due to thick and sturdy prop guards that eliminate any potential damage to your furniture. It also sports a tiny camera that transmits WiFi FPV signal straight to your smartphone. Another cool thing that comes with the package is a VR headset that will allow you full FPV flight immersion.


As for the specifications, DR1 reflects the conventional FPV racing drones with short flight times and pacey performance. With that said, it’s not surprising to see only 5 minutes of flight time per charge. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to further extend this by buying extra batteries as the provided one is built in and isn’t replaceable without some extra modding. Operating range, on the other hand, offers a wide space that’s more than suitable for indoor use – cca 60 meters. If this is too expensive for you, there are several good indoor drones for less than $50!


3. Holy Stone F181C

Holy Stone F181C Novi

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If you’d like to purchase one of Holy Stone’s models as your first drone but  you’re unsure which one, then I warmly suggest you got for the F181 series. There are 2 models to choose from with the only difference being their FPV capability. Today, we’ll be focusing on the cheaper one that lacks FPV, we simply could not skip this drone when talking about best drones under $100. It goes by the name F181C and really seems like a solid purchase for beginners…

Camera and features

I suppose we should start right off with the camera. Like I said above, the C version (the one we’re focusing on here) does not feature FPV. Still, it can record solid quality aerial footage in 720p resolution. This is actually a wide-angle HD camera that does a good job as far as stabilization is concerned. Feature-wise, Holy Stone F181C can do all sorts of flips. It also allows you to control it in headless mode and return to home if you end up having flying difficulties. So, needless to say, it’s a great all-around performer.


Numbers are looking pretty sharp for this little bugger. More precisely, Holy Stone F181C has approximately 8 minutes of flight time and can travel up to 100 meters with no issues whatsoever. If that’s not enough for you to purchase this birdie, perhaps the fact that it takes just over an hour for its battery to charge to 100% might just change your mind.


2. UDI U34W

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There is no doubt this miniature quadcopter has a certain charm to its name. First of all, it is made by UDI which speaks for itself – we are talking about a highly appreciated drone brand with plenty of excellent models to their name. Their U34W drone sparks children’s imagination with WiFi FPV and solid flight characteristics. Want to learn more about it? Keep on reading then…

Camera and features

Even though UDI U34W is an extremely small drone, it still features a brilliant 720p camera that can even transmit WiFi FPV signal. This will, of course, go directly to your smartphone thanks to the dedicated FlyingSee app. In addition to that, it’s also noteworthy to add the fact this birdie claims to have altitude hold. And it indeed does have it, but it’s not nearly as accurate as the GPS-powered feature. If you can live with that I guess there’s no reason to skip by this gorgeous little fella…


Another reason for that is its stellar array of technical numbers which are rather high considering its size and price. Take battery duration as the perfect example – UDI U34W can reach up to 10 minutes of flight time per battery… and you’re getting 2 of them inside the basic package. That means you’ll have around 20 minutes of airtime at your disposal. Last but not least, operating range of this beauty goes up to 80-100 meters which is not half bad by any standards.


1. UDI U49C

UDI U49C Novi

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And finally, we have reached the final drone on this list – the best drone under $100. The top spot goes to UDI U49C. Yup, another UDI model – this just reflects on what a good job they’ve done in the entry-level market. U49C was actually priced higher than this a while back but has received a nice little price drop recently… making it even more affordable. So, if you’re in the market for a cheap yet great performing drone, UDI U49C might just be the one for you!

Camera and features

The first thing that needs to be said about this one is its outstanding 720p camera. It’s quite bulky but don’t get your hopes up guys – it features no sort of stabilization technology. Despite that, I’d still say the footage it quite stable and there’s not too much shakiness going on. As for the features, UDI U49C features the standard ones including one key takeoff/landing as well as headless mode. However, there are also extras in the form of altitude hold and low voltage battery alarm. Those 2 will come in handy for sure!


Specifications-wise, there’s no doubt you will be positively surprised with what this cheap little drone has to offer. Starting off with the battery duration, UDI U49C can withstand anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes per charge. Best of all, you’re not getting one but two batteries inside the package effectively upping your total airtime to cca 20 to 30 minutes. Operating range isn’t too far from brilliance either… You’re looking at an extreme range drone here, clocking it at up to 200 meters with ease.


Not seeing what you’re looking for? Here’s list of Drones Below $300 you might be interested in!

What do RTF and BNF stand for?

If you are in the process of buying your first and haven’t done a lot of research on drones, chances are high you stumbled upon abbreviations such as RTF and BNF were left puzzled. Well, don’t despair since you can find thorough explanations down below:


Short for Ready To Fly. Drones with RTF tags in names/descriptions represent fully assembled models with everything needed to take them out for a flight straight out of the box.

Battery, transmitter, receiver, and all that good stuff – RTF models have it all and provide the quickest setup for enjoying your first drone piloting steps.


Short for Bind and Fly. If you stumble upon a BNF drone, it means it’s fully assembled but requires binding before flying. What this essentially means is that you will have to provide your own transmitter.

To seasoned drone pilots, this is not an issue since they always have spare transmitters available. On the other hand, if you are a first-time user, you might want to hold onto RTF models for now.


Frequently asked questions :

What to expect from entry-level drones?

In terms of performance, you simply cannot expect amazing, premium-like numbers. That’s now how things work… Drones under $100 perhaps aren’t as advanced (both in features and specifications) as top-flight models, but what’s important is that they’re able to provide just as much fun. This is even more true for beginners and first-time flyers who will be amazed no matter what drone is in question.

Still, in terms of specifications, drones under $100 generally have around 5-10 minutes of flight time and 50-100 meters of operating range. Include a 2MPX camera in the equation together with a gyroscope and basic controller and you covered half drones featured down below.

Who are these drones aimed at?

Kid Playing With Drones

I’d be straight-up lying if I told you these aren’t meant for beginners… because most of them are. Sure, they can keep an experienced flyer entertained too… But beginners are in their blood (or, should I say wires?) since they provide a worry-free experience, price-wise of course, served as a jumping board to the hobby.

Likewise, if you are thinking of buying one of these suckers as a present for your children/grandchildren/nephews, you can rest assured the decision is on point. Kids, generally, enjoy toy drones and, truth be told, buying them a super expensive one would be like throwing money into the garbage. Why? Well, first of all, no matter how talented they are, kids tend to crash their drones in a frequent manner. Second, I doubt buying a DJI Phantom 4 Pro would bring a lot of benefits to kids as they’re not nearly skilled (and knowledgeable) enough to use its features in a handy way.

What I am basically trying to say here is that you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on a drone for kids. As a matter of fact, drones under $100… heck, even drones below $200 are more than enough to keep them happy. Plus, they’ll be able to hone their skills in a “cheap but safe” environment and become ready for a mid-tier upgrade somewhere in the future… once they get older.

Drone Spare PartsParts availability is of crucial importance if you want an enjoyable drone piloting experience. Drones break, don’t think they don’t. Heck, even premium models need new propellers or motors every once in a while… What I’m basically trying to say here is – don’t think you won’t need spare parts. That means you should do research and see if they are available for the model you’re thinking of buying. Most commonly, you’ll find yourself in need of extra propellers and motors… especially if your drone is using brushed ones. If they get stuck in the grass after a rough landing, chances are high they might end up burning out. Extra batteries are always nice to have – they’re worth the investment, that’s for sure!



Now that you had the chance to look at some of the cheapest drones under $100 currently available on the market, I am sure you have a better understanding of what to look for in one. As you could see above, the main specifications for drones are as camera quality, battery duration, and flight range.

In addition to this, it’s nice to have a drone with a sturdy frame so you don’t have to worry about breaking it every time you make a bad maneuver. Another feature that some drones have (don’t expect it at this price range though) is water resistance. You would be surprised at how many drones have it, but unfortunately, you will have to dig deeper into your budget if you want one of those…


Removed Drones



Moving one step at a time and now we’re standing in front of MJX X300C. This little birdie might not be the most popular one out of the bunch, but it sure can keep you well-entertained. With built-in prop guards, miniature 0.3MPX camera and a dedicated app for FPV purposes, MJX X300C could prove to be the optimal drone for some of you.

The looks of MJX X300C are not exactly godlike. It has a white finish with 2 blue colored blades on the front. Although, on the bright side, it does have a couple of interesting features – headless mode and one key return. Headless mode represents a type of flight in which the drone doesn’t have a front and back side. It moves in all directions depending on your joystick. One key return function speaks for itself – it allows the drone to fly back to the controller with a single push of a button.

Specifications wise, MJX X300C can be controlled until it reaches 100 meters. Airtime is solid too – 8 minutes. The biggest downside in this department is charging time – 2 hours. That’s why I warmly suggest going for an extra battery, or heck, even two wouldn’t hurt.


Blade Nano

Blade NanoAs its name strongly implies, Blade Nano is an incredibly small drone that can easily fit into the palm of your hand. With optional prop guards, excellent agility and the implementation of advanced features, Blade Nano could prove to be a worthy contented inside the “under $100” market section. Let’s take a closer look and see what does it bring to the table!

First of all, it needs to be said what an awesome job the folk over at Blade did with the design of this beauty. It sports black/yellow color combination and a well-built centerpiece out of which 4 prop arms stretch out. 2 rear props are black while 2 in the front are yellow, nicely finishing up the design in a sleek manner. Enough about the design now, let’s talk more about what’s this baby all about! In terms of features, Blade Nano is equipped with Blade’s exclusive SAFE technology that incorporates extra stability and agility that’ll greatly help you during your flights. Even more so if you’re a beginner.

It is powered up by 4 brushed motors. Even though these are known to burn out occasionally, Blade Nano uses high-quality ones so there should not be any worries when it comes to that. Additionally, it’s also noteworthy to add that we’re talking about a BNF model here. This means you will have to supply your own DSM2 or DSMX transmitter if you want to get this baby flying. Lastly, Blade Nano can endure more than 7 minutes of flying time. On the other hand, operating range depends on your transmitter. But, generally speaking, you should expect 30-50 meters with most entry-level DSMX or DSM2 models.


Tarantula X6

Tarantula X6The bronze medal for the best drone under $100 goes to Tarantula X6. We are talking about an insanely popular (and beginner friendly) drone which incorporates stellar features and specifications to follow. It’s easy to control, has decent stability and is equipped with a stellar camera which can be used for recording aerial videos and images. So, for all of you looking for an aerial photography go for dirt cheap, continue reading about Tarantula X6 and you might even go for it!

First things first – Tarantula X6 comes with a mini HD camera that records videos in 720p. It can be tilted upwards and downwards, allowing you to take full control over your recordings. Also, it is easily removable too, meaning you can do a camera upgrade when you stumble upon a good deal in the future. Regarding the features, Tarantula X6 has one key 3D flips, LED lights and shock camera mounts that increase video stability and eliminate that annoying jello effects.

In the end, I’d just like to say a thing or two about its general performance and specifications. Tarantula X6 runs on a 1200mAh LiPo battery. It’s not the most powerful battery out there, but it can still hold this beauty in the air for up to 10 minutes. Last but not least – the range of Tarantula X6 stands tall at amazing 300 meters, making it the longest flying drone on this list. So, if you want to spy on your neighbors or buy a neighborhood patrol drone for dirt cheap, then Tarantula X6 could prove to be the best option!


JXD 509W

jxd-509wJXD 509W is another massively popular drone that’s been a solid choice for many first time flyers all around the globe. And it’s not a surprise! This bad boy features an X Shaped design which looks rather cool. Combine that with its silver / black finish and you got yourself one of the prettiest drones featured in this list. But, looks aren’t the only thing JXD 509W can brag around with…

You see, this birdie also possesses an HD camera that is able to broadcast flight live (AKA FPV). In addition to that, it also features a one key return function which enables it to return from where it took off with a push of a single button… and a LED light for those cool night flights.

Moving forward to the specifications, JXD 509W starts to encounter first problems. Even though we’re at an extremely low price point, it’s still bad to see up to 50 meters of operating range. It’s just too low… Luckily, the battery makes sure to wash out that bitter feeling with up to 8 minutes of airtime. So, in the end, I’d like to make a small summary on this one – Even though it has certain drawbacks (I’m talking about range, of course), I believe JXD 509W is still an excellent drone that’s doing great in terms of sales. Plus, you get extra parts within the package including an extra 800mAh battery that’s going to provide you with a lot more flying time. If that’s not enough for you to buy this beauty, then you’re a tough cookie to break… Luckily, we still have a couple of great models ahead of us – perhaps one of them will bring you down to your knees!

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