TOP 10 Drones For Indoor Flying

Winter is coming! Don’t think we are quoting the famous HBO series by George R.R. Martin, we are being serious here. Winter is coming, and that means you will have a lot less chances to go outside due to cold weather. This is why people tend to stay indoor during the winter and look for fun stuff to do while enjoying the warmth of their home. One of the best indoor-fun options for this winter are surely drones. While they do come in different sizes and specifications, you’ll be nicely surprised when you see how many of them are suitable for indoor flights. So with this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 best indoor drones so you can get a better picture of the market and what to expect from them!

Table of Best Indoor Drones 2017

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10. Super Mini RC

Number 10 spot on this list goes to the Super Mini RC drone. It is a miniature drone not much bigger than a coin, making it amazingly compact and easy to carry. It comes with a controller that also serves as a carrying case with a safe spot in the middle of it where you can place your mini drone. Surprising feature of this drone that can be rarely seen with such small size models is headless mode. In addition to that, it also sports LEDs and 6-axis gyroscope system. It takes less than half an hour to fully charge it, and once its battery is filled with juice, it can last up to 6 minutes. The range is pretty decent for such a small drone – hovering around 25 meters, I doubt you’ll need more than that for indoor flights.

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9. Top Race TR-MQ3

This little fella is also a miniature drone in every sense of the word. It can easily fit into your pocket and as such, losing it could often be an issue. Cool things about this drone are its accessories in terms of prop guards and roll cage. It helps the drone perform uniquely when compared to its competitors, which is probably one of its strongest selling points. Charging time is another aspect in which the TR MQ3 excels at – it takes only 9 minutes for a full charge which will deliver up to 6 minutes of flight. Combine that with cca 20 meters of flight range (trust us, you don’t need more than 20 meters for a drone of this size) and you’ll realize what an awesome little bugger this is.

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8. Syma X11

Syma’s smallest drone, the X11, already has its fair share of satisfied customers. With a dirt cheap price of roughly $20, it’s no wonder this little guy is selling so well. It features 6-axis stabilization system, prop guards and a spare set of propellers in case of a mishap. With a unique design and up to 40 meters of flight range, this little drone is bound to provide you with a lot of fun. The only downside is its battery which can, to be honest, last up to good 7 minutes, but it takes more than half an hour to charge it (cca 40 minutes to be more precise) which is just too much. If you can overlook the charging time, then Syma X11 is your go-to indoor drone.

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7. Luxon Quark

Luxon is not such a known brand in the drone industry, but despite that, their Quark micro drone is nothing short of brilliant. Starting from its price of just $23.99, this little fella promises (and delivers) great features and specifications. Feature-wise, it sports 3 adjustable speed modes, one key 360 rolls, 6-axis gyro and built-in prop guards. On the other hand, its specifications are where it shines the most. It can reach up to 80 meters, although I doubt you’ll be able to see it at that distance, and can fly for around 8 minutes. All in all, a great little drone that you will surely love.

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6. Inguity Max Speed

Slowly but surely, we are stepping up to the priceyer drones suitable for indoor flying. The Inguity Max Speed drone will set you back for almost $40, but it sure does feature great things. For example, it is incredibly fast (hence the name Max Speed), stable and easy to control. Additionally, it’s made out of top quality materials making it shock resistant and above all – durable. It is capable of performing all sorts of flips and rolls, and while we’re at it, it is important to add that its controller is amazingly responsive. Specifications-wise, its flight range is up to 50 meters while its flight time goes somewhere around 8 minutes. All things considered, Inguity Max Speed is one heck of a drone!

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5. Haktoys HAK905

If you want to make a proper light show in your home then look no further because Haktoys has you covered. Their newest drone model called HAK905 sports amazingly bright and colorful LED lights that stretch out all the way across its built-in prop guards. It looks amazing and will surely turn quite a few heads around when they see it. In addition to the amazing light show it creates, the HAK905 also features 2 adjustable speed modes, 360 rolls, and a powerful LIPo battery that is able to endure up to 10 minutes of flight time. And finally, its flight range is more than sufficient, clocking in at over 100 meters, which is way more than you’ll ever need for indoor scenarios… unless you own a freaking penthouse.

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4. Air Hogs Helix

This beautiful drone has secured itself the 4th position on our list. It features beautiful design with sturdy guards protecting its ridiculously small (but powerful) propellers. Not only does the drone look amazing but its controller as well. Other than its looks, Helix can also brag about its crash resistant exoframe that will allow you to go crazy with it for quite some time. When it comes to the controllability, you will be happy to find out that it is extremely responsive. You can do all sorts of flips and tricks with ease, and features such as position hold and altitude hold are just there to help with the stability even more. When we take everything mentioned above and make our final decision, it is pretty clear that Air Hogs Helix Race is an amazing little drone and can be considered quite the bargain as its price goes somewhere around $50.

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3. Holy Stone HS170 Predator

Moving onto the top 3 drones in this category, the HS170 is quite the eye candy. The perks of being among the best-selling drones on the market are noticeable on every corner: it has amazing looks, great specs and people are praising it on all corners. No wonder since this little fella costs just $40, has 50 meters of flight range, 8 minutes of flight time, is extremely responsive and to top it all off – it delivers amazing drone flying experience time and time again, without you having to worry about it breaking. This is due to the quality materials it is made out of. They are excellent when it comes to small to medium crashes, allowing the drone to survive for quite a long time.

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2. Focus FPV

There is a huge price gap between the first two drones on this list and all the others. That’s actually quite reasonable since there’s a huge hap in performances as well. For example, the Focus FPV drone comes equipped with a 720p camera capable of providing you with FPV feed (as its name suggests). Moreover, the drone supports headless mode, sturdy prop guards, 360 flips, return to home and extra batteries which is great if you are planning on flying your drone for a longer period of time. You will even get a 4 gigs memory card on which you can save all your aerial footage. The controller that comes with the package features an LCD screen for FPV monitoring. All things considered, it is pretty clear that the Focus FPV means business, which is pretty much why its aggressively priced at around $180.

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1. U45 Blue Jay

Finally, we have come to the last drone on this list. As the chapter suggests, the top spot belongs to the U45 Blue Jay, a pretty unknown name in the drone industry. Luckily, despite it being relatively unknown, it still has some awesome features that could make you opt for it. For example, it features both FPV and VR compatibility although it does not come with an FPV or VR monitors. Feature-wise, it sports altitude hold, one key takeoff and landing, custom waypoints mode (rare occurrence in this price range) and a great HD camera capable of recording aerial footage in 720p. Another very important thing that needs to be added is the fact this drone is made out of quite sturdy materials. This serves as an extra form of protection and you will be thankful for it once you accidentally crash your drone into a tree or a wall.

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That’s it guys! You have come to the end of our list which features the top 10 indoor drones that you can purchase on Amazon. We sincerely hope that the list was informative and easy to read… and that it has helped you with making your final decision when it comes to purchasing a brand new indoor drone. With this being said, thank you for checking out the list and until next time – HAPPY FLYING!

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