10 Drones that comes with integrated GPS

GPS drones are getting more and more sales with each passing day, taking over the entire market one purchase at a time. People are loving them because they possess an extra dose of security and protection. As you already might know, drones with GPS can locate themselves and remember their takeoff position. In case a mishap happens and you lose connection to your drone, it will automatically return back to its original takeoff location. In addition to that, GPS also brings a handy set of features such as semi-autonomous flight, pinpoint precision and improved stability. After all of the above, I’m sure you would like to see a couple of awesome GPS drones. If that’s the case, make sure you check out our top 10 list down below!

Table : Drones With GPS

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UNDER $250

Hubsan H502S

hubsan-h502eThe 10th position on our list belongs to Hubsan’s H502S model. It’s a beautiful drone that comes with an exclusive controller featuring built-in 4.3-inch LCD screen used for FPV monitoring. It sports a decent quality HD camera (720p ready) which is connected to the controller via 5.8Ghz frequency, in order to eliminate any interference with the drone controls. It’s the cheapest GPS ready drone on the market, coming in at less than $200. In addition to GPS, it also features follow me, headless mode and automatic return. Its flight time is awesome, giving you more than 10 minutes of action after a full charge. It’s easy to fly too, making it among the best beginner friendly drones on the market.



Cheerson CX20

cheerson-cx20Nicknamed Auto-Pathfinder, the CHerrson CX20 is the second drone on our list. With an attractive design and easy controls, this little fella is surely worth the price of cca $220. It comes with a dedicated controller in matching colors and supports FPV via smartphone’s display. Feature-wise, CX20 supporets GPS, Auto return and even an exclusive autopilot system that greatly increases the overall stability of the drone in midair. Moving onto its specifications, it can endure up to 15 minutes of flight time and can reach about 300 meters away from its controller, both of which are pretty good considering its fair price.



Flexify Foldable Drone

flexify-foldable-droneThis little fella is foldable (as its name suggests) and adapts to an extremely compact size once folded. For carrying purposes, this feature is both unique and handy. It comes in vibrant orange color and does not have a built-in camera. To compensate for it, it is equipped with a great number of features such as automatic takeoff and landing, one key return, waypoint system and more. Its powerful motors allow it to carry maximum of 1kg at takeoff, meaning you can easily mount your GoPro or other professional photography equipment as long as they don’t exceed the maximum payload. Even though this drone works with both controllers and smartphones, its biggest downside is its app that is compatible only with Android devices, meaning if you have one of Apple’s devices, you can forget about controlling this drone with it.



$250 TO $500

UPair One

upair-oneUPair’s One drone is excellent across all deparments. For instance, it can fly up to 18 minutes on a single full charge, it has a specially designed shape that allows more stable footage and improved GPS signal. But that’s not all, it also comes with a top notch 4K camera that will amaze you as soon as you record the first picture or video with it. Even its controller is awesome. This is especially true because it features a big LED display used for FPV monitoring. Specifications-wise, we already mentioned that it is capable of flying up to 18 minutes under full load, but we didn’t mention that it can travel up to 800 meters without losing connection. Make that 500 meters if you have FPV turned on. Amazing, right? And what’s best of all – you get all that for cca $350 which is just absurd.



AEE Technology AP10 Pro

aee-technology-ap10-proIf you are looking for a good drone that will cost you around $400 then you should definitely take a closer look at AP10 Pro by AEE Technology. It is a good-looking drone that comes with a great full HD camera capable of providing you with excellent aerial footage. When it comes to its features, you will be satisfied to find out it supports GPS, FPV, automatic position hold, and even semi-autonomous flight mode. The AP10 Pro is incredibly fast as well, clocking in at around 44 miles per hour with GPS turned off. You think this is great, wait till we get to the specifications. It supports distances up to 500 meters away from the controller and its powerful 5300mAh battery keeps it in the air for amazing 25 minutes. Combine that with a good set of features and a competitive price tag of only $400 and you’ll see why is it such a popular option.




zerotechAfter Flexify’s Foldable Drone, here we have yet another one that is able to compress itself into a ridiculously small size. We are, of course, talking about Zerotech’s Dobby drone, a fancy looking fella equipped with all sorts of useful features. It has dual satellite positioning systems, allowing it to fly seamlessly through the air with amazing stability and responsiveness. It works with your smartphones with ease (supports both Android and iOS) and offers the ability to use your phone as a fully-fledged motion controller. US version of this drone comes with official 1 year warranty, which is awesome if you happen to have any mishaps during that time. Another important thing to add is its high quality 13MP camera that has face recognition software and is programmable to follow you around and shoot short videos.



Parrot Bebop

parrot-bebopFor $500, not only will you get the awesome Bebop drone by Parrot, but you will also get your hands on its dedicated Sky Controller which further improves its, already awesome, specifications. The Sky Controller extends the range of your drone by whopping 2 kilometers and provides you with the ultimate control scheme that cannot even be compared to that of your smartphone (trust me, don’t fly your drone via your smartphone, it’s a bad idea). It comes with a built-in 14MP camera that can take awesome quality footage. This comes as no surprise since it’s mounted on a 3-axis gimbal for optimal stability and image smoothness.



OVER $500

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

autel-robotics-x-star-premiumIf budget is not an issue and all you care for is a premium drone with all the features you can think of, then the X-Star Premium is the one for you! With its amazing 4K action camera mounted on a 3-axis gimbal, the X-Star Premium is able to capture professional quality aerial footage with real ease. Not only that, its camera is also capable of recording footage in slow motion at full HD (120FPS) and allows you FPV capability up to 2 kilometers away. Yup, you read that right, 2 kilometers worth of lag-free FPV. For $699.00 you won’t only get the drone itself, but a hard-carrying case, 64 gigs memory card, fast charger and even some spare parts. Luckily, you won’t need to grind on that charger a lot since the X-Star premium is capable of delivering up to half an hour of flight time. Impressive, to say the least!



Yuneec Q500

yuneec-q500-4kThis awesome drone is coming to us straight from Yuneec, a company that has made quite the name for itself in recent time. After providing us with a live of stellar drones such as the Typhoon H model, it seems pretty clear that Yuneec Q500 is bound to deliver. Luckily, it does just that. With its state-of-the-art 4K camera, exclusive design made out of top quality materials and outstanding controller, there is no doubt that Q500 is one of the best premium drones on the market. Alongside the drone, you will also get an aluminum case, ST10+ controller, exceptional 3-axis motorized gimbal and even a steady grip for those demanding piloting sessions.



DJI Phantom 3 Professional

dji-phantom-3-standardAnd finally, we have come to the last and best drone with GPS on this list. Surprise, surprise, it’s one of DJI’s Phantom drones. Who would’ve guessed, eh? This little drone comes with a professional quality 4K camera capable of providing you with 720p live streams while also recording in full 4K at the same time. In the sea of amazing features this drone has, it is important to add that it is equipped with a pinpoint accurate GPS system.  Flight time is awesome, capable of reaching up to 23 minutes on a single full charge with the default batteries. As always, the flight distance of DJI’s drones is nothing short of spectacular. Nothing different can be said about Phantom 3 Pro’s, the fact it is able to reach 5 kilometers away from its transmitter simply speaks for itself.




That’s it guys! Those were the best 10 drones with GPS, GLONASS or both positioning systems. Truth be told, drones with these features tend to be pricey, but in the end – you know exactly where your money is going. These positioning systems allow your drones to located itself and give it better stability and a wide array of useful functions that are not seen with cheaper drones. In the end, we would like to thank you for checking this list out, and we sincerely hope it has helped you with making your final decision.

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