Beginners, here’s ultimate list of drones you should buy !

When people talk about drones, the first thing that comes to their mind is that they are extremely difficult to control. This is especially true for people who never piloted an unmanned aircraft before, but trust me, it is not that difficult. Most drones nowadays come with extra stabilization systems that greatly assist you during flight time. From gyroscopes, GPS systems and autonomous flight modes, drones nowadays really have a massive arsenal of assistances in midair. With this being said, you must make sure you opt for a good drone. We’re here to help you find the best drone for beginners. The most expensive ones are out of the picture, even though they have all the stability assistance you need, it still takes just one (or two) errors and your $1000+ investment is toasts. That’s why, for your first drone you should opt for some of the cheaper ones on the market. You’ll thank me later! So, with all of this in mind, let’s start off with the list and show you the 10 best beginner-friendly drones which are currently available on the market!

Table : Drones for beginners

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10. UDI U818A

udi-818a-hdThe very first drone featured in this list is called UDI U818A. There are two versions of this drone. The cheaper one (this one) costs just above $50 while the upgraded one costs almost double the amount. Still, the standard version comes with decent features such as 6-axis gyro, posture control, and modular design (it is very easy to install new parts if something breaks). Other than that, it is important to add that it has a built-in camera, although its quality is not that good. But still, with around 9 minutes of flight time and cca 30 meters of range, the UDI U818A is a fairly good choice for first time drone pilots.



9. NightHawk DM007

nighthawk-dm007wThis drone is extremely beginner friendly as it has great controllability which is of utmost importance to new pilots. In addition to its ease of use, this little fella has beautiful LED lights coming not only from the sides but from its cockpit as well. It even has a built-in camera that is able to shoot 720p videos at 30fps. Specification-wise, the DM007 can travel up to 150 meters without any lag issues and its battery is able to endure up to 7 minutes of flight time. All things considered, you have to admit that NightHawk created a pretty solid entry level drone.



8. UDI U845

udi-u845The first thing you will think of when you see this drone is: “Jeez this thing looks like a UFO!” and you will be completely right. The UDI U845 really does look like a UFO, heck, it is even marketed as one. Still, this hexacopter has more to it than just its UFO resemblance… With a built-in HD camera capable of FPV live feed transmission, headless mode and even gravity induction, it is pretty clear that this drone is no joke. In addition to the drone and its respective controller which is, by the way, excellent for the price, you will also get a bonus battery. On a single full charge the UDI U845 can last up to 9 minutes which means you can get a total of 18 minutes of flight time if you charge both batteries before flight.



7. MJX X400W

mjx-x400wWe simply couldn’t publish list of drones for beginners without mentioning MJX X400W. If you want the ultimate drone flying experience and you don’t want to spend an enormous amount of money for a premium drone, you will be very happy when I tell you that DBPOWER’s MJX X400W can fulfill your wish for just $80. That’s right, this bad boy is compatible with 3D split screen display meaning you can connect your favorite VR device and enjoy the virtual reality immersion for a dirt-cheap price. Other than that, this drone features headless mode, one key 3D rolls, and a top-quality 6-axis gyro system that provides the drone with ultimate stabilization. All in all, MJX X400W is an excellent choice for a VR drone that does not cost a fortune.



6. Holy Stone X400C

holy-stone-x400cHoly Stone is a drone equipped with powerful motors allowing it to fly seamlessly through the air. As most other drones, it has 6-axis gyro for stabilization purposes as well as a WiFi camera capable of providing you with FPV live feed. Inside the package, you will get a quality controller with a mount for your smartphone. In order to achieve FPV, all you need to do is install the dedicated app and connect your smartphone to the camera. Truth be told, the image quality is not that great, it’s decent at best, but that’s still not an issue considering the cost of only $119.  With around 8 minutes of flight time and cca 100 meters of control distance (with FPV on), this little fella is a great choice for beginners who want to experience decent FPV piloting but do not want to spend an awful amount of money.




jjrc-h8dIf you want a great FPV piloting experience and you are willing to pay close to $200 for your brand new drone, then JJRC has a great solution for you. Their H8D model comes with 2 extra batteries, extra props, a drone carrying case, 4GB memory card and a top-quality transmitter with a built in LCD screen for FPV purposes. In comparison to the Holy Stone’s X400C, the FPV mode of H8D is much superior since it is working via 5.8Ghz frequency while the X400C works via Wifi. There’s no need to tamper with your smartphone or anything, and needless to say, the range is much bigger. It excels in the specifications department as well, having more than 300 meters of lag-free range and up to 10 minutes of flight time. All in all, a great drone that you should definitely check out!



4. AEE Technology AP9

aee-technology-ap9The AP9 by AEE Tech is equipped with a camera mount meaning you can set up your Go Pro camera without any problems. In addition to this, it has GPS that not only provides it with extra bit of stability but enables it to achieve semi-autonomous flight in the terms of automatic position holding and hovering. It’s maximum speed is around 70 kmh (cca 45mph) and its cruising speed goes around half of that. It is made out of great quality materials and is extremely durable – it can endure rain, snow and has a class 4 wind resistance rating. In addition to all of this, it is also important to add that it can fly up to 25 minutes which is amazing for this price range. It doesn’t fall short in the range either – with around 500 meters of control distance, it is pretty clear that AP9 is a great choice of drone if you have your own action camera.



3. ARRIS X-Speed 250B

arris-x-speed-250bIf you are interested in drone racing but you don’t know which drone to buy, this one might be the perfect one for you. We are, of course, talking about the X-Speed 250B made by Arris. It’s an extremely lightweight RTF drone with full carbon fiber frame that allows it to perform at maximum speeds time in and time out. It comes with Radiolink AT9 transmitter and RD9 receiver which allow you to take full, lag-free control of your drone. The camera angle is adjustable meaning you can tamper around with it until you find the perfect match. Powered by top-quality 2205 2300KV motors, this thing packs quite a punch and will help you get the much-needed drone racing skills!



2. Traxxas Aton

traxxas-atonThis beautiful little drone is aimed at people who would like to both race and shoot aerial photography with their drones. It delivers the best of both worlds – racing and casual photography. With 2 dedicated modes (sports and filming), this little fella is able to achieve more than 50 miles per hour top speed (cca 80km/h) in sports mode and provides you with optimal image stabilization in filming mode. It is extremely easy to control since it comes with Dual mode GPS systems, air brakes, one key return to home function and a bright LED status bar which is clearly seen even at bigger distances. This could easily be the best drone for beginners!



1. Parrot Bebop

parrot-bebopAnd for the final drone in this list, we are presenting you with Parrot Bebop model bundled together with its dedicated Sky Controller. The drone (and the controller) come in 3 colors – red, yellow and blue. It’s a personal preference, but if we are to be honest here, the yellow one looks most badass. Of course, you can buy this drone standalone and pay just a fraction of this price, but you will not be getting your hands on the Sky Controller. At first, that might seem not that important, but trust us – it is! The Sky Controller extends the range of this drone by more than 2 kilometers and gives you proper 2-joysticks piloting experience that allows you to control your drone much better than you would via your smartphone. And finally, it is equipped with a built-in GPS system and has a full HD camera along with 3-axis image stabilization, which guarantees to provide you with exceptional aerial footage time and time again.




So with the final drone on this list we have come to the very end of it. As you could see for yourself, the market is filled with beginner-friendly drones that will surely provide you with a lot of fun. With this being said, I would like to conclude this list by thanking you for going through it. I hope it helped you with making your decision, and until next time – HAPPY PILOTING!

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